Week three in fantasy football feels like a great time for some big names to finally play like, you know, big names. Guys like Tom Brady, Reggie Bush and Eddie Lacy. Even if their matchup doesn’t suggest it, you have to imagine they’re getting closer to that huge game.

That, or they’re just never going to get there. But we can’t think like that, right? These guys have talent and killer weapons, so they’re bound to figure things out and go off. I’ve already busted out my week three fantasy rankings, and I’m fairly high on those guys and several others. While that’s just a big bowl of neat, what’s really cool is how FantasyPros takes my rankings and filters them out to find some sweet bargain buys in DFS games. If you play at Draft Kings (if you don’t, you should, brah), this works out swimmingly, as you can use my ranks to help figure out which guys provide the most value this week.

That, plus you can also see how my highest ranked players compare to Draft Kings’ own ranks (via salary, of course). A few tidbits, and then you can peruse at your own leisure.

As with any fantasy tool that uses math and some kind of formula to compute things, I don’t always agree with the findings. Pray tell? Okay:

I’m actually not overly high on…Brian Hoyer, Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson or Jason Witten. On the flip side, this fantasy tool gets it right on the spot with Brady, Bush, Lacy Darren Sproles, Martellus Bennett and Julian Edelman. I’m also tentatively still holding out hope that Justin Hunter will finally bust out. Yeesh, with that guy.

As for my ranks, they speak for themselves. So take a look and if you’re already playing or plan to play at DK, hopefully my take on week three helps you out a bit. Oh, and our own Taylor Smith does his own take off the top of his head, so be sure to check out his Week 3 Draft Kings Bargain Buys, as well:

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