Thursday night football is upon us, and tonight’s matchup is an excellent one between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs are looking to take over the AFC West this year, since Denver has had a stranglehold on the division for years. Meanwhile the Broncos are trying desperately to hold onto the spot atop the AFC West, despite a less than stellar week one performance.

But that’s enough about the teams. We are here to talk fantasy football! And I’ve got the players you should be looking at from these two squads in season long and daily fantasy football leagues:

Denver Broncos

Demaryius Thomas: Even though Peyton Manning appears to be taking a proverbial step backward this season, I believe that Demaryius Thomas will still find a lot of fantasy success. He is just too athletic and too dynamic to be stifled completely. In his last three seasons Thomas has nearly 4,500 yards receiving and 35 touchdowns. You can rely on Thomas to put up double digit points virtually every week.

CJ Anderson/Ronnie Hillman: I actually like Hillman better than Anderson, but Kubiak is definitely a fan of having a bell cow at running back, and he likes Anderson better. So if Anderson is healthy, and can play, start him. But if not then Hillman is the guy to start. After all, the best way to slow down a pass rush is with the running game, and I expect the Broncos to run the ball better than they did on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles: Charles is really a no-brainer to start for your fantasy team. He is one of the best running backs in the NFL and was drafted near the top of the first round for a reason. The Broncos defense is good, but when it comes to a guy like Charles you just have to have faith. That means he’s still worth paying up for in DFS. He didn’t run all that well in week one, but scored and was active as a receiver. That’s enough to make him playable, even at a steep price.

Travis Kelce: This matchup against the Broncos will serve as a learning experience for when the two teams meet up later in the season. Kelce’s success will largely depend on how the Broncos decide to play the Chiefs. If we end up seeing Aqib Talib lined up over Kelce for most of the game it may be a long night for the tight end. But I really see the Broncos trying to use Talib all over the field. Spying Charles sometimes, helping cover Maclin sometimes, and then covering Kelce in certain man defenses. If that is the case Kelce will have a big day, I’m sure. But if the Broncos do decide to just play Talib over Kelce, than I wouldn’t expect a lot of production out of the tight end. This is why this matchup is one to watch. As fantasy owners we should be able to gain insight into how the next Broncos – Chiefs matchup will go based off of how both teams decide to play this one.

This battle may represent a changing of the guard in the AFC West, and it will certainly be interesting to see how both teams play in all facets of the game.

Are there any players I didn’t mention that you really think should be starters? Or are there any players I did mention that you disagree with? Let us know in the comments!

About The Author Joel Empey

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