Let’s just get right to it shall we…….the New York Giants suck. And suck pretty bad too! If you ask me, they are going to get the #1 pick in the draft next year. The only somewhat bright spot was the run defense which was actually pretty good. The offense was downright pathetic and it was utterly painful to watch.

The Giants get the Arizona Cardinals in week 2 and I can predict more of the same to carry over from week 1…….PAIN!

The Giants offense is like pee-wee youth football trying to learn how to execute a handoff. They are so confused and miffed by this new offense. Eli Manning has been shouting and making hand gestures like a New York City police officer directing traffic. There truly is no bright spot on offense for the Giants. If there was one then maybe it’s Rashad Jennings. Jennings has at least put forth some decent runs and production out of the running back position. He’s probably the only guy you would want to own from a fantasy perspective. There is no point to wanting any of the Giants’ receivers since they and Eli Manning show no signs of being in sync…..not even Victor Cruz. The Cardinals’ defense is no push-over either so the Giants should be in for a long day offensively.

Defensively, the Giants show a solid front four but look completely beatable in the secondary. Cardinals’ WR’s Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd should find holes and seems all over the place. RB’s Ellington and Dwyer should have moderate success but I wouldn’t expect huge numbers. Ellington, to me, is a flex play at best this week. QB Carson Palmer’s biggest problem should be deciding whcih open receiver to throw to. I see no reason not to start any of the Cardinals’ weapons agains tthe Giants this week.

It’s pretty much the lock of the week……..Cardinals over the Giants, 37 – 17

About The Author Terrence Kirker

Die hard New York Giants fan and avid fantasy football player in multiple leagues and formats. Former contributor to NFLSoup.com and now breakingfootball.com sharing advice and picks for the past 4 years.