Welcome to NFL Week 13 – also known as Thanksgiving week. We actually have three great matchups this year, with the Bears at Lions, Eagles at Cowboys and Seahawks at 49ers. All of these teams are in contention, and all are reasonable D/ST choices with productive IDP options. If you have to dig a little, though, who should you go with? If you want to impress your friends and family with how well you understand defenses (or how well you understand how terrible my advice is), try these out:

D/ST Sleeper: Chicago Bears – Reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated since the Green Bay debacle. The Bears head to Detroit to face a Paper Lion (hehe) that was just buried and embarassed in New England. Given the short week, it may be harder for the Lions to regain focus, and they haven’t run the ball all that well lately, either. The Monsters of Midway could be worth streaming this week.

DL Sleeper: DeMarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys – The second-round pick (and DeMarcus Ware replacement) is finally starting to see snaps in the regular rotation. He hasn’t done much yet, but a schedule with sack-able QBs down the stretch should help him out, starting with Mark Sanchez this week.

DL Sleeper: Ray McDonald, San Francisco 49ers – With his early-season off-field issues clearing up, McDonald now has a sack in each of his last two games – he should be able to make it three in a row (and four next week in Oakland) as he continues to see heavy playing time.

LB Sleeper: K.J. Wright, Seattle Seahawks – He’s not much for sacks or picks, but if you need at least half a dozen tackles, Wright is as consistent as they come. Plus, someone will have to chase down Kaepernick.

LB Sleeper: Tahir Whitehead, Detroit Lions – As long as he gets enough snaps, he’s a lock for seven tackles. The upcoming schedule favors his chances to pick off a pass or two, as well.

DB Sleeper: Ryan Mundy, Chicago Bears – The Bears’ leader in tackles, plus interceptions in back-to-back weeks – he may not be IDP gold, but he’s certainly good enough to get a medal. Watch how this game goes – the Bears turn around and host the Lions in Week 16, too.

DB Sleeper: Cary Williams, Philadelphia Eagles – When teams throw the ball, he racks up tackles. The Cowboys throw the ball – expect five to seven this week, and maybe a pick if Clutch Romo resurfaces.

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