There were a number of injuries this weekend. Whether you were affected by the injuries, you are streaming players at some positions, or you are just trying to build a team that can maintain success throughout the fantasy playoffs, I’ve got the list of guys you are going to want to go after on the waiver wire this week.

*All percentages refer to percentage of leagues the player was owned in leagues*

Brian Hoyer, Quarterback, Houston Texans, 2.1%

Obviously you are going to want to make sure that Hoyer is playing this weekend (reports are saying that is a likely scenario). But if Hoyer is playing and you are in the streaming quarterback business than Hoyer is probably your best option this week. Hoyer has the most favorable matchup that exists in the NFL this weekend, and has quietly put together an exceptional season since week four.

Kirk Cousins, Quarterback, Washington Redskins, 6.3%

In his last four games Cousins has gone over 30 fantasy points twice. Now Cousins gets to play a familiar foe in the New York Giants, and I would trust Cousins to put up at least 15 fantasy points this Sunday. The Giants are one of the NFL’s worst fantasy defenses against quarterbacks, which is obviously something that Cousins has shown he can exploit. Cousins is a player with a high ceiling and a high floor this weekend, which is exactly what you want if you are experiencing QB issues.

Javorius Allen, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens, 0.4%

Allen is sure to be the most coveted waiver wire option this week. So if you don’t have a high waiver priority than you may want to avoid going after Allen with your top waiver selection. The loss of Flacco and Forsett mean that not only will Allen be getting all of Forsett’s touches, but likely the Ravens will default to a more running back heavy game plan. Allen is likely a must start going forward just because of the volume of touches he will receive weekly.

Thomas Rawls, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks, 9.2%

Rawls is also likely to be snatched up before you will get a chance if you aren’t near the top of your league in waiver priority. I mean he had over 200 yards rushing this past weekend, and reports are coming out that Marshawn is likely going to have surgery to repair is abdomen. Which means that Rawls is likely to usurp the role of RB1 in a run first offense.

Marquess Wilson, Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears, 0.5%

Obviously Wilson’s success this weekend was predicated upon Jeffrey and Royal being out of the game this week. But with Royal not having a legit timetable for return and Jeffrey dealing with injuries all season long, I see Wilson having a chance of building on his success from this week. If Jeffrey is out again this upcoming week than Wilson is a MUST START. With the way Chicago receivers have been getting injured this season he’s certainly at least worth targeting on the waiver wire just in case.

J.J. Nelson, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals, 0.1%

This is my “stretch” pick this week. But I was too impressed with this speedy rookie last night to leave him off of my list. The way the Arizona offense has been rolling, and the way Bruce Arians has praised this young player I just think this could be the beginning of a very successful fantasy career for Nelson. The Cardinals have so many weapons offensively that teams are going to have to try and cover Nelson with single coverage. Nelson is way too fast for that, and in my opinion will exploit single coverage several times throughout the rest of the season. Nelson has the potential to be a late season reincarnation of Stefon Diggs success.

Brent Celek, Tight End, Philadelphia Eagles, 1.3%

Celek has a favorable matchup this weekend, and has had his two most successful weeks this season over the last two weeks. Celek had seven catches on ten targets this weekend, and was clearly Mark Sanchez’s favorite target. With Sanchez in line to start again this week Celek seems like a no-brainer to go after if you are streaming tight ends.

Crockett Gillmore, Tight End, Baltimore Ravens, 4.8%

Somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow, Gillmore is still only owned in 4.8% of leagues. I already had Greg Olsen on one of my fantasy teams and I still went and picked up Gillmore. Even if you have Gronk and Eifert on your team, if Gillmore is available go get him. The loss of Joe Flacco doesn’t negatively affect Gillmore’s value that much. Backup QB Matt Schaub is sure to look Gillmore’s way a lot as a safety blanket. Gillmore has, and will continue to have, more value than most WR’s.

What do you think of this list? Who are you looking at targeting on the waiver wire this weekend? Let us know in the comments and we will give you our advice!

About The Author Joel Empey

Joel is a fantasy football champion and enthusiast who loves to analyze statistics and has an addiction to sports, film, and television. Joel can tame a lion with a single look and on 7 occasions Joel’s tried to read The Lord of the Rings, but has fallen asleep every time. Catch Joel on Twitter @EmpeyJoel