Whether you are looking to upgrade someone on your bench, or fill in a player who is going on bye/is injured, there are waiver wire targets you are going to want to consider as you gear up for week 11. The season has gone by fast, but there are still a few weeks left before leagues begin their post-season runs. If you pick up the right player, you could still make a strong push. Let’s see who could help your team:

*All percentages represent the percent of league’s that player is owned in on NFL.com* 


Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets, 8.3%.

Fitzpatrick makes the list for two weeks in a row, and it’s for a reason. Fitzpatrick is still only owned in 8.3% of leagues on NFL.com despite the fact that he hasn’t scored fewer than 13 points in a fantasy game this season that he has played to completion. And that 13 point effort was in week one. Fitzpatrick is entering a very favorable matchup this week against the Buccaneers, who allow the 11th most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this season. If you are dealing with quarterback issues, or are suffering because of the dreaded bye week, Fitzpatrick could be a more than reasonable solution for you.

Mark Sanchez, Philadelphia Eagles, Quarterback

We all knew that at some point this year Sanchez would get his chance to start. The Eagles trust Sanchez to play well, that’s one of the reasons why they were so comfortable with trading Nick Foles in the offseason. I, like the Eagles organization, also trust Sanchez to play well. This is a deep dive option, but not one that should be slept on. Sanchez has a great matchup against an unimpressive Texans defense, and will get a full week of preparation as the starter under his belt. I’d trust Sanchez to score at least 15 points this week.

Running Back

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins, 1.6%

This guy is still a sneaky under the radar pick up, but I love it. I don’t think he is a guy that you can rely on getting you a lot of points in the next couple of weeks. But he could. I feel like Ajayi could have a chance to be one of fantasy’s top scoring running backs during weeks 13-17. The Dolphins probably won’t be able to resign Lamar Miller in the offseason, so they are going to be interested in seeing what they have in the rookie Ajayi. Not to mention through his first two NFL games Ajayi is averaging 8.1 yards per carry. He’s a deeper dive, but if you are thin at running back he could be the key to your fantasy playoff success.

Matt Jones, Washington Redskins, 15.7%

Matt Jones has had an interesting season. He went from unknown, to top waiver target, too dropped around fantasy leagues, and now he’s back to a top waiver target! Sure a lot of his production last week came on a chunk play, but you can’t ignore the surge that the Redskins offense has been having as a whole lately. If you need a running back to play this week Matt Jones is a reasonable option. He doesn’t have the best matchup, as the Redskins take on the Panthers, but I believe the Redskins will make it a competitive game, and Matt Jones has shown a knack for the big play.

Wide Receiver

Danny Amendola, New England Patriots, 13.2%

Danny Amendola has had a few big games this year, and those were with Julian Edelman and Dion Lewis in their lineup. Now after losing two of Brady’s favorite targets in the last two weeks, I believe Amendola is in line to take over a lot of those targets. Teams will relentlessly cover Gronkowski, and force Brady to throw elsewhere. And elsewhere might as well be Amendola’s middle name for the next couple of weeks. There are a lot of great wide receivers on bye this week, if you need to pick someone to replace one of them look for Amendola first.

Chris Givens, Baltimore Ravens, 0.4%

Here is my bold statement regarding Chris Givens: “Chris Givens will outscore Desean Jackson from this point until the end of the season.”… The reason I’m picking on Desean Jackson is that they both serve as their respective team’s deep threat option, but Jackson is owned in 75.3% of leagues and he has only scored 5.9 points all year. With the loss of Steve Smith the Baltimore Ravens are going to have to get the ball to different players, and Joe Flacco is not the kind of quarterback to shy away from throwing the deep ball. I really think Givens could be one of the NFL’s big play artists over the last six weeks of the regular season.

Tight End

Crockett Gillmore, Baltimore Ravens, 3.4%

How the heck this guy is only owned in 3.4% of leagues is beyond me. Gillmore is possibly the top receiving threat in a Marc Trestman coached offense. That means big time production. I would be shocked if Gillmore failed to reach at least 10 fantasy points once in the remainder of the season. If you are streaming tight ends you can’t do better than Crockett. If he’s available and you already have a legit tight end, just pick him up so no one else can.

Zach Miller, Chicago Bears, 0%

After failing to score any fantasy points for the entire season, Miller has score three touchdowns and has 130 receiving yards over the last two weeks. That kind of production can’t be ignored. Miller does have a tough matchup against the Broncos this week, but Miller could easily be the forgotten man once again, and the Bears could capitalize on those opportunities once again. The Bears have quietly become a team who has a number of offensive weapons you have to game plan against to stop, but Miller is definitely not one of those players who is being circled by Wade Phillips and the Broncos D.

Is there anyone you are looking to target this week on the waiver wire that I didn’t mention? Let me know who it is in the comments, and I’ll be sure to provide my insight!

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