I’m not mad. I’m a little frustrated. I think I feel let down is what it is. My Giants almost did it again and most definitely should have. They fought hard, played extremely well but just didn’t finish. Don’t even try and blame the refs. That call can go either way and we all know you never leave it to the officals. Landon Collins knows he should have made that pick and game over.

In other news, the Bengals were beat by the Texans and Peyton Manning was benched. Wait….WHAT? Peyton breaks the all-time passing mark held by Brett Favre only to channel his own inner-Favre and throw 4 interceptions. Need I even ask what could possibly happen in week 11?

Let’s go to start/sit before I lose my mind….shall we?

BYES: Cleveland, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, N.Y. Giants


QB, Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

You may be “over” Wilson and the ‘hawks but hang in there for one more week. A home game against the 49ers might be the thing to get him back on track and gain some confidence.

RB, Charcandrick West, Kansas City Chiefs

What a game last week! And why should it stop there? Don’t you think Andy Reid is gonna ride this confidence as much as possible? I sure do. And games against the Chargers are always way up there in points. Could be in line for a repeat performance

WR, Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

With Edelman out, Amendola becomes the next man up. The Pats have a home game this week against the hated Bills and Rex Ryan. You can be sure Brady will be fired up for this one and Amendola should be a beneficiary.

TE, Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts

With Andrew Luck hurt the Colts are going to Matt Hasselbeck. Yeah the guy who’s 40. Fleener is a nice option for Hasselbeck and a like a security-blanket for him. Fleener’s size can create matchup issues. I think he uses Fleener a lot over the next few weeks.

D/ST, Chicago Bears

Maybe I’m crazy but….”Brock Osweiler and the Broncos” doesn’t exactly scare me. John Fox is a defensive minded coach so I’d expect the Bears to get after him.


QB, Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Tennessee Titans are actually a pretty good team against the pass. Doesn’t this game just have a 9-6 or 12-7 feel to it? Does to me.

RB, Gio Bernard/Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals

Arizona’s defense is really really good at home. Bengals just got bottled up by the Texans…yeah the Texans. Don’t expect too much from these two guys.

WR, DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans

I know….you’re not gonna sit him. But, do you think Yates is the answer at QB for the Texans? He provided a spark but I don’t see Hopkins making any one-handed TD grabs against Revis.

D/ST, Kansas City Chiefs

You may be inclined to stay with ’em at San Diego after a nice win in Denver but don’t be fooled. Rivers’ arm is better than Peyton’s right now and the Chargers will throw on every down if the have to. The Chargers will score….you can bet on that.

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