There were a lot of huge matchups in Week 9. The rankings have had some drastic changes. Was a big loss enough to bump the Broncos out of first? Can the Patriots jump the one loss Cardinals? And what was the fallout from the blowout in Miami? This was a very exciting week of NFL football.

As the weeks go on, the power continues to shift in the NFL. See where your favorite team landed heading in to Week 10:

1. New England Patriots
Record: 7-2

The Patriots beat down the top ranked Broncos on Sunday. The fact that the Pats won is not a surprise. The way they blew out Peyton Manning and the Broncos was. This was one of the toughest decisions to make so far this season. However, in the end that statement was too much to ignore.

2. Arizona Cardinals
Record: 7-1

Sorry Cardinals fans. No it’s not fair. Nonetheless it is what it is. You guys won and did not take the No. 1 spot. Beating Brandon Weeden just doesn’t have the same impact as beating Manning. You guys understand, right?

3. Denver Broncos
Record: 6-2

Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick did what they’ve done so many times before to Manning. The QB looked bad, the defense looked bad and the coach looked bad. The top seed is becoming a curse.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Record: 6-2

The Eagles seized the top spot in the NFC East and they did it with Mark Sanchez. It would not be a huge shock to see them fall with the Sanchise under center. Until they lose, they will stay put.

5. Detroit Lions
Record: 6-2

The Lions had a bye this week. Week 10 will be a nice measuring stick when the Dolphins come to town.

6. Cincinnati
Record: 5-2-1

They have looked bad at time, but through all the injuries they still find themselves atop a very tough AFC North. It has been very impressive what they’ve been able to do.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers
Record: 6-3

The Steelers have really turned their season around. Who would have thought the players that would spark a Pittsburgh resurgence would be Martavis Bryant and James Harrison. The defense looks like the Steelers of old and the offense is on fire.

8. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 6-3

After an ugly loss, the Colts rebounded nicely putting a beating on the Giants. They look great at times but they still don’t seem like legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

9. Green Bay Packers
Record: 5-3

The Packer climbed a few spots on their bye week. They should make easy work of the Bears Week 10. Jay Cutler really struggles in Green Bay.

10. Buffalo Bills
Record: 5-3

Just waiting for that offense to implode. Will it?

11. Kansas City Chiefs
Record: 5-3

The Chiefs had an easy one against the Jets this week. The game was never all that competitive. They have a very tough schedule down the stretch.

12. Miami Dolphins
Record: 5-3

This defense is for real. They flat out mollywhopped Philip Rivers and the Chargers. If they can get some consistency from their offense, the Dolphins could be a very formidable team moving forward.

13. Dallas Cowboys
Record: 6-3

And they continue to fall. Their starting QB has not one but two fractures in his back, their best defender is on IR and Old Man Weeden is at the helm. Sadly, 8-8 is beginning to look like a real possibility. The quest for 8-8 begins!

14. San Diego Chargers
Record: 5-4

Wow! That was ugly. The Chargers are dangerously close to heading in to an all-out free fall. They were beat down on Sunday. After being shutout, Philip Rivers is quickly fading out of the MVP conversation.

15. Baltimore Ravens
Record: 5-4

This team looked great. Then they lost back-to-back games to division rivals. The Steelers really picked apart the Ravens on both sides of the ball. They are now in last place in the AFC North.

16. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 5-3

Seattle snuck by the Raiders this week. They won but did not look good doing it. This team is not close to as good as they were last year. As of now the Super Bowl seems like a very distant memory.

17. New Orleans Saints
Record: 4-4
The Saints are somehow in first place. They won an ugly one in Carolina on Thursday. It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.

18. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 4-4

A lot when wrong on Sunday. Losing a must win game to the Rams is inexcusable. They will have to scratch and claw to win a wildcard now.

19. Cleveland Browns
Record: 5-3

Once again the Browns beat an awful team and looked horrible doing it. Cleveland is very fortunate to have a very favorable schedule. If you watch this team, they are falling apart at the seams.

20. Houston Texans
Record: 4-5

The Texans are not that far away from being a very good team. They have a ton of good young talent and some good veteran talent as well. As long as Ryan Fitzpatrick is the QB they will not be taken seriously.

21. Minnesota Vikings
Record: 4-5

The Vikings pulled out a nice win against the Redskins this week. They aren’t good but at least they fight hard. Hopefully this team can mature around Teddy Bridgewater.

22. St. Louis Rams
Record: 3-5

The Rams pulled off a big win against the 49ers this week. This is another team that should be very good in the near future. Despite a nice win this week, they still have been very disappointing this season.

23. Chicago Bears
Record: 3-5

The Bears have not looked good at all lately. Hopefully they managed to get on the same page during their bye week. Unfortunately, they head to Green Bay Week 10.

24. Carolina Panthers
Record: 3-5-1

The Panthers looked terrible on Thursday night, particularly Cam Newton. This team has been a massive disappointment this season. They are really struggling on both sides of the ball.

25. New York Giants
Record: 3-5

The Giants have been on a roller coaster this season. The coaster took a huge dip on Monday night as Andrew Luck picked them apart. The Giants are now fading quickly in the playoff picture.

26. Washington Redskins
Record: 3-6

Robert Griffin III returned and promptly lost to the Vikings. A win would have been huge in that division. A loss was devastating.

27. Atlanta Falcons
Record: 2-6

The Falcons have been bad. However, they should be able to come off their bye week with a layup in Tampa. They should win easily.

28. Tennessee Titans
Record: 2-6

Tennessee stayed put during their bye week. Don’t expect them to move much anytime soon.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record: 1-7

The Bucs lost a tight one to a subpar Browns team. Not good.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars
Record: 1-8

The Jags lost again. What a shock.

31. New York Jets
Record: 1-8

It is so difficult not putting the Jets in the bottom spot. This team is a mess and it’s hard to imagine them beating anybody anytime soon.

32. Oakland Raiders
Record: 0-8

Still winless. They have been playing better as of late. Not winning but staying competitive at least. They are inching closer No. 31. Don’t see them being all that competitive against an angry Broncos team Week 10. Is 0-16 a possibility?

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