Week one brings the chance to win big in fantasy football. Of course, winning big depends on perspective. Your season long fantasy league let’s you beat up on that friend of a friend. Let’s call him Todd. You don’t like Todd, and you’re really hoping LeSean McCoy is out to start the season so Todd has to force Bishop Sankey into his starting lineup. Todd didn’t draft well. Another reason to hate Todd.

This is what you’ve come to. Hating a guy you barely know in a season long league that is slowly ripping up parts of your soul your previously didn’t know existed. It’s high time you try DFS fantasy football. You will always have Todd and your season long league to fall back on, but at least with DFS the opponents don’t have annoying faces. There are no constant reminders of a losing record or a bad draft. Or a fateful injury.

Instead, you get to go into week one knowing it’s a fresh start. And if it goes just all kinds of awful, week two is even fresher. I’ll be there to help you along the way, too, no matter the route you choose. If it’s season long, myself (and the rest of the Breaking Football team) will still have weekly fantasy advice to hand to you. And if it’s DFS, we’re specifically catering to that, too.

Luckily my week one fantasy player rankings don’t even need to break a sweat, because thanks to FantasyPros.com, you can see exactly how I value guys with this sweet ranking tool below. Your only concern? Be sure to check back leading into week one, as I make frequent updates and alter player notes.

The beauty of this is you can use my weekly player rankings and see which options are true value buys based on their price at sites like DraftKings. For instance, at the time of this writing I have Matt Ryan as my 2nd overall fantasy quarterback, yet he’s $1.1k cheaper than the most expensive guy. Another great example is at running back, where Chris Ivory is my 13th favorite rusher, yet he’s a whopping $3.8k cheaper than the top priced guy.

When forming the perfect DFS squad, it’s often about those sweet value plays and THEN the right studs you place around them. Who, what and where is entirely up to you, but if you work off of my rankings in week one, you just might win big:

Daily fantasy projections powered by FantasyPros

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