Just three days remain before fantasy football is back at its grandest capacity, as 13 NFL games grace us on Sunday. It’s going to be magical. It might be unforgettable. And depending on which guys you use in Fan Duel fantasy football leagues, it might even be profitable.

I’m not here to toot the horn of FD or tell you to play there. I’m not an affiliate of them. I am, however, here to help you find a great team over there if that is your favorite daily fantasy football site to play at. To do that, I’m picking my favorite value buy at each major position. Let’s get to it:

Quarterback: Sam Bradford – Eagles ($7.5k)

I really like Tyrod Taylor a decent amount and he’s the minimum, but it’s beyond obvious he’s a risky pick. Part of getting awesome value is getting a guy who can potentially put up elite numbers, but is at a good price and also safe. So why the hell did I choose Bradford, AM I RIGHT? I know, his knees are about as reliable as Comcast, but I doubt he shreds an ACL here and let’s face it, the guy looked amazing in preseason. That system, those weapons, the matchup…it all screams: BRADFORD IS AMAZE BALLS.

Running Back: Doug Martin – Buccaneers ($6.9)

Chris Ivory is a guy I love too and he’s even a little cheaper, but there’s no denying the Muscle Hamster has the upside between the two. Martin faces a horrendous Titans run defense and should be called upon plenty with a rookie quarterback under center. He’s ultra explosive, too, which is why he gets the slight nod over Ivory.

Wide Receiver: Davante Adams – Packers ($5.5k)

There are three WR slots but I’m not building your entire team, brah. I’m showing you the best value. Randall Cobb isn’t 100%, Jordy Nelson is done for the year and the Bears suck. Not a whole lot to hate about Adams, who is Green Bay’s #2 option and pretty darn talented.

Tight End: Tyler Eifert – Bengals ($5k)

You can pay an unhodly $6.9k for Jimmy Graham or you can save a ton and pick a solid sleeper like Eifert. Unlikely last year he’s actually healthy, plus he’s facing a very beatable Raiders defense. There is a lot to like here and the value is incredible. Graham, meanwhile, is in a new system that runs more than it passes, so his volume is going way down. That, and he’s on the road against the Rams, who were a top-5 unit against fantasy tight ends in 2015. No thanks.

Kicker: Brandon McManus – Broncos ($4.5k)

This is the minimum for a kicker, and thank everything that is holy for that. McManus is a fine enough option, he’s at home and Denver’s offense is good, if I recall correctly. Kicker is a total crap shoot. I mean, Stephen Gostkowski is supposed to be the “best” and he got four points on Thursday night. Just go cheap and you’ll make it out alive.

Defense: New York Jets ($4.4k)

Picking the right team defense can be tricky. Picking a team defense that doesn’t crater and single-handedly sink your fantasy squad can be a nightmare. And seemingly almost impossible. Still, the most expensive defense is $5k and the cheapest is $4k, so I like the right in the middle Jets. That alone makes them a value, but they also face Josh McCown and Cleveland’s non-existent offense. New York should win the most boring game of ever.

Call this your starter unit. Fill the rest out and see if it wins. If it does, give me a cut. Or at least a pat on the back. Good luck!

About The Author Kevin Roberts

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