A lot of fantasy football enthusiasts already had their eye on former Bills and 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson. He got a raw deal in his final days in Buffalo and for the most part was just another guy on a San Francisco team that never knew how to utilize anyone in the passing game not named Anquan.

Now Johnson is in San Diego, where he replaces the equally talented Eddie Royal (now in Chicago). He wasn’t exactly looking to explode as the slot man in the San Diego Chargers system, but considering Royal had fared quite nicely the past two years in the same exact role (109 receptions, 15 touchdowns. Seriously), there was plenty of optimism a still speedy Johnson could maximize his touches.

Oh, and now tight end Ladarius Green might be out week one with a concussion. Antonio Gates is already out due to a four-game span, so where Green was projecting to go nuts, other Bolts receivers might.

Ah, so THAT is where Stevie Johnson comes in. Yeah, if you look closely at Johnson, he runs good routes and has pretty solid speed yet, and at just 29 years old he might be itching to prove he’s still a quality receiver. He probably wants to get paid, and all.

Whatever the case, Johnson is one guy who clearly could benefit from Green sitting out. Green isn’t for sure out just yet, but if he’s concusses as he was rumored to be, then he only would have four days to make it back to the field. Unlikely, to say the least.

Johnson isn’t the only benefactor here, of course. Keenan Allen, Malcom Floyd, some backup tight end called Kyle Miller and probably Danny Woodhead could all see a lot more targets. With tight end seeing a YUGE downgrade if Green sits, though, we can probably cross Miller off the list. That means a few extra targets to go around, and since this Mike McCoy system loves to feed off of the short to intermediate accuracy of Philip Rivers, Johnson comes to mind.

He’s worth a look in standard and PPR season long fantasy football leagues, but I think DFS is what will really get the nipples hard. Johnson is cheap as balls ($3.7k) over at DraftKings and figures to be a mighty WR3 or Flex play.

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