A huge part of the fantasy football scene these days is the weekly fantasy football format. While many of our readers still roll with the season long leagues and need help from week to week throughout the year, even more engage in the weekly battles at sites like DraftKings.com, where you completely start over each week. Injuries and bad draft picks mean nothing here, as you can lick your wounds and give it another go with an entirely new roster the following week. That, and you can win some serious coin in the process.

We’ve got you covered for week one, as we take a look at some of the best deals on the site for their salary cap games. If you’re already a player there, perhaps we help uncover some gems you forgot about. And if you’re a newbie, let us welcome you to the glory of winning cash whilst playing fake football – as well as some sweet bargains to help you come out on top in your first contests.

Without further haste, here are our favorite extreme fantasy sleepers for week 1 at Draft Kings:

Note: To get you the best deep sleepers, we’re not including anyone worth more than $5,000 on the site. Also, these sleepers aren’t necessarily always suggested plays, but dirt cheap options that have a shot at paying off, while also helping you build an elite roster.


Shaun Hill (St. Louis Rams) $5k

Hill probably isn’t going to set the world afire, but against a Vikings defense that was a fairly sad sack unit a year ago and is still in transition, he certainly has a chance to be decent. He hasn’t started a game since 2014, but Hill is accurate and doesn’t make a ton of mistakes. It seems to be a weekly thing where some jag off uses a damn Kellen Clemens or Mark Sanchez and goes nuts enough to win $100k, so Hill shouldn’t come off as any more desperate of a move. At $5k, he’s worth the gamble to try to add a bunch of elite players to your roster.

Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders) $5k

Carr is a rookie playing for the damn Raiders. Let that sink in. Still, he’s dirt cheap and looked fantastic in preseason play, while his week one dance is with the New York Jets. New York’s front line is brutal, bu their secondary has been mashed to pieces thanks to injury and free agency. He just might put up a solid outing.

Running Backs

Rashad Jennings (New York Giants) $5k

Jennings showed during the preseason he’s going to have a big role with Big Blue. His week 1 matchup isn’t really ideal but he should get receptions and a good amount of carries. For $5k, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Bernard Pierce (Baltimore Ravens) $4.6k

Ray Rice is serving a 2-game ban, so Pierce is the main man to get things going. Cincy isn’t the best matchup, but at $4.6k you can hope he mashes his way to some decent production.

DeAngelo Williams (Carolina Panthers) $4.3k

D-Will is still the lead man in Carolina, which should mean he gets 10-15 touches to start the year. That isn’t a lock for big numbers, but he’s a solid Flex play.

Danny Woodhead (San Diego Chargers) $3.7k

Woodhead might be an even better Flex play, as he showed last year that he’s a tough cover as a receiver out of the backfield (76 receptions). Unless his role suddenly shrunk down to nothingness, he’s one of the best values of the week.

Dexter McCluster (Tennessee Titans) $3k

McCluster might actually take the cake, as the Titans signed him on to operate as the new Danny Woodhead in former Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt’s new system. That may backfire in week one, or McCluster could shine.

Wide Receivers

Rueben Randle (New York Giants) $5k

I’m not a fan of Randle’s consistency but he’s the #2 guy in New York and the Giants are going to continue to throw a good amount. The value is there if he can show up.

Emmanuel Sanders (Denver Broncos) $4.8k

Sanders is operating in the best offense in the game and has the speed to kill. If Wes Welker is out or limited, his chances to blow up only increase.

Brandin Cooks (New Orleans Saints) $4.5k

Cooks is a versatile, explosive weapon being added to an already potent offense. It’s only a matter of time before he makes his mark.

Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers) $4.2k

Benjamin probably won’t catch more than 60 balls as a rookie, but most of them should be for touchdowns or big plays. He could make one or two in week one.

Kenny Britt (St. Louis Rams) $4k

Britt is a red-zone and possession guy for the most part at this point, but Hill will needs someone to throw to early in week one. Britt could return major value if he’s the guy.

Justin Hunter (Tennessee Titans) $3.8k

Hunter might be my favorite wide receiver sleeper pick of the week, as he’s under $4k and actually has a decent matchup. He won’t play every snap, but he’ll see time in the red-zone and only needs one big play to return value.

Miles Austin (Cleveland Browns) $3.6k

Austin is regressing at this point in his career but he’s still a starter for a Browns team that will likely have to throw in week one.

Jerricho Cotchery (Carolina Panthers) $3.6k

Cam Newton has to throw to somebody and if you don’t trust the rookie Benjamin perhaps you’ll trust in the seasoned vet here.

Marqise Lee (Jacksonville Jaguars) $3.5k

Lee is a rookie on the Jaguars, so that’s enough for cause for concern, but he has a solid matchup and is a starter. He could be a solid WR3.

Markus Wheaton (Pittsburgh Steelers) $3.3k

Wheaton is Pittsburgh’s #2 wide receiver and has the jets to do major damage in the open field or on deep balls. It all depends on how much he gets targeted with Joe Haden worrying about Antonio Brown all night.

Mohamed Sanu (Cincinnati Bengals) $3.2k

Marvin Jones broke his foot so Sanu will step in as the #2 receiver until he gets back. The Ravens aren’t the best matchup but he could easily be busy this week.

Junior Hemmingway (Kansas City Chiefs) $3k

Hemmingway is a shot in the dark most weeks but Dwayne Bowe is serving a first game suspension and KC faces a shaky Titans defense. He has a little bit better value than some may think.

Cole Beasley (Dallas Cowboys) $3k

This is the bottom of the barrel, no doubt, but Beasley has shown up as a PPR fiend at times and is the ‘Boys #3 receiver. They probably will have to air it out a bit against the Niners in week one, so he’s not the worst stab for points at this price.

Tight Ends

Jordan Cameron (Cleveland Browns ) $5k

Cameron is an obvious stud. The matchup with the Steelers isn’t great but he’s Cleveland’s only weapon. If he finishes with less than five catches it’d be a minor shock.

Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49ers) $4.8k

Davis is hit or miss when it comes to his exact role, but no one in Dallas can cover this guy. His week 1 matchup is what dreams are made of. To save some time, Jordan Reed ($4.6), Greg Olsen ($4.7), Jason Witten ($4.5), Dennis Pitta ($4.5), Kyle Rudolph ($4.3) and Zach Ertz are also killer value plays at tight end. Here’s a few more at greater value.

Martellus Bennett (Chicago Bears) $3.8k

Buffalo will be focused on stopping Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. They don’t have a linebacker who can shut Bennett down. He could be big for his price.

Antonio Gates (San Diego Chargers) $3.4k

Gates seriously might be the best value here, as AZ has a shortage of quality linebackers and he wasn’t as bad last year as people think. He’s still the starter and even one touchdown and three catches has him returning value to get 2014 going.

Mychael Rivera (Oakland Raiders) $3.4k

Rivera is a riskier sleeper, but he looked good in the preseason and seemed to have quite a rapport with week 1 starter, Derek Carr. New York’s pass defense could be suspect, too.

Delanie Walker (Tennessee Titans) $3.3k

The Antonio Gates comparison are insane but Walker caught over 60 balls in 2013 and has a solid role. He’s a solid value as a safety valve option in week one.

Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) $3.2k

Kelce showed in preseason play he can be a stud weapon and there’s no Dwayne Bowe this week. You do the math.

Garret Graham (Houston Texans) $3.2k

Graham isn’t explosive but he’s reliable and Houston’s top tight end for the moment. Ryan Fitzpatrick uses tight ends fairly well, so that bodes well against the Redskins this week.

Team Defenses

All of the defenses are below $5k, so let’s just look at the best overall values. Chicago ($3.5) is probably the best, as their defense should at least be somewhat better and they face E.J. Manuel and a shaky Bills offense. The Lions ($3.3k) aren’t far behind as their unit is pretty solid and they take on the sad sack that is Eli Manning. The Panthers ($3.3k) for some reason are getting hosed in week one. The best pure values might be the Redskins ($2.9k), Browns ($2.8k) and Jaguars ($1.5k).

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