Thursday night brings the end of the 2015 NFL preseason. Thank goodness. The real NFL (and fantasy) season is just one week away, as we can all watch the Patriots and Steelers slap each other around in a game that actually matters next Thursday night.

But wait. Tonight’s preseason games do matter. After all, thanks to DraftKings, you can enter cash into DFS fantasy football preseason leagues and, you know, win more of it back.

If you’re bold enough to put some cash down, pick a team and toss caution to the wind, then I’ve got a few guys to consider using. There is no salary cap and good luck guessing who is playing, but if you’re going to give it a go, these guys are definitely high on the list of considerations:

Brett Hundley, QB, Green Bay Packers

Hundley is raw as heck, but he showed last week how much upside he has, as he put up 300+ passing yards and two scores. He makes mistakes and all, but the Packers are at home and he’s got some fun guys to throw to. I don’t anticipate a repeat of last week, but depending on playing time 200 yards and a score is doable.

Tim Tebow, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Tebowmania either ends or just gets going tonight, as the most polarizing player the league has ever known gets one more chance to prove he’s worthy of a roster spot. Matt Barkley sucking tonight would go a long way in locking things down, but Tebow should get a good amount of work in as he tries to secure a spot. He’s not accurate but he can run and the system is potent, so he could help you win some cash, too.

Also consider: Brock Osweiler and Chase Daniel.

Zach Zenner, RB, Detroit Lions

Zenner has been a total beast. He’s busted two nice runs in preseason, has scored twice and has averaged a nasty 6.5 yards per pop. He’s got a great skill-set and has a nice burst and I could go all day about how the Lions shouldn’t cut him but inevitably will. Someone will snatch him up, though, and you’ll find out why tonight if you haven’t already.

Montee Ball, RB, Denver Broncos

I’d add in Chris Johnson in here, too, but he’s in the game as a member of the Jets. Psst. Don’t use Johnson. Ball could be a good play, though. He’s been a sloppy and slow runner but he’s seriously fighting for a roster spot and may need a big game to secure it. Word is Denver will give him some solid run, so he’s one of the few guys we know should at least have the touches to produce tonight.

Also consider: Jarryd Hayne and Christine Michael.

Devin Funchess, WR, Carolina Panthers

If the dude even plays. He has a shot at replacing the injured Kelvin Benjamin, yet he’s played one game and didn’t look all that great. He’s a big, athletic target that could be looking at the #1 gig, so you have to think the Panthers want to see more from him before week one. Just make sure he’s actually playing before you lock your roster for the night.

Also consider: Cordarrelle Patterson and Jeff Janis.

Chris Gragg, TE, Buffalo Bills

Tight end is probably the most nightmarish position in all of DFS preseason fantasy football, but whatevs. Gragg can run and he’s fighting for a roster spot, so he should be out there a bit and have a real shot at producing. Seriously, two catches and 15 yards would be a win here.

Also consider: Ugh.

Wheel of Death

This is the fantasy team defense section. It’s a risk even during the regular season, but preseason? Forget about it.

Also consider: Double Ugh.

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