Tony Romo left Sunday’s game in Philadelphia with an apparent shoulder injury. Shortly after, it was diagnosed as a broken clavicle. It’s not yet clear how much time he will miss, but a minimum of 4 weeks should be expected, and 6-10 is much more likely. The exact time frame will depend on whether the clavicle is displaced, or merely ‘cracked’. A displacement needs surgery, and generally requires a longer recovery. If there is no displacemeent, Romo can avoid surgery, much like similar injuries to Aaron Rodgers and Nick Foles in recent years.

For what it’s worth, the Eagles went on to win the game 20-10. Surely most Cowboys fans will be able to take little consolation in the victory, as it likely feels like they’re kissing their sister, a phrase that may or may not be applicable in Texas.

This is not the first broken collarbone for Tony Romo. He broke his clavicle back in 2010, and missed the final 10 weeks of the season. This injury comes at a time when the Cowboys were still coming to grips with the loss of Dez Bryant (broken foot). The passing game will certainly take a hit without Romo and Bryant for as much as 12 weeks.

Fantasy Impact: Brandon Weeden will take over the Cowboys’ starting QB gig while Romo is out. The Dallas offensive line should give him plenty of time to make throws, but he’s still Brandon Weeden, and you should have better luck playing matchups on the waiver wire. The passing game isn’t the only place that will be affected by the Romo injury. Without Romo and Bryant, opposing defenses will likely turn their focus to the running game and stack the box with regularity. The Cowboys crowded backfield already makes Joseph Randle a dicey option. His owners now have that much more of an uphill climb.

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