It’s the time of year where your fantasy league has been renewed, and you need pick a name for your team. The days of naming your team the Cincinnati Crushers are over. You need to get creative with your team names nowadays, and there are already 3 other teams in your league calling themselves, “Show Me Your TDs”. Don’t worry, Breaking Football is here to help. Earlier this week, we gave you some Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones themed team names, and we’ll be compiling names for several different themes as the season gets closer. Today I’m presenting our list of Comic Superhero fantasy team names. See all of our fantasy team names here.

Marvel, this week, announced major changes to two of their most popular characters. Thor is going to be a woman, and Captain America is going to be black. While these are pretty sizable cosmetic changes, the story lines and superpowers should remain the same. These are roughly the football equivalent of adding pinstripes to the football, or playing every game inside Boise State’s stadium.

In honor of the Marvel news, I’ve got some comic book superhero fantasy football team names for you:

  • Kaeptain America
  • Hammer of Gore
  • Batman and Khiry Robinson
  • The Flashad Jennings
  • Wonder Womannuel Sanders
  • The Vereen Lantern
  • The Green Laenternick
  • Dr. Manninghattan
  • Captain Atom Brady
  • WolVereen
  • Mister Majestictor Cruz
  • Professor FleX
  • The Incredible Welk
  • SilVernon Surfer
  • Dr DeStrangelo Williams
  • SuperManning
  • The Winston Justice League
  • Teen Titans
  • Zoo Cruz
  • X-Menziel
  • Flash Gordon
  • A.J. Hawkeye
  • Boomerisiarang
  • Wes Luthor
  • Flex Luthor
  • Rex Luthor
  • Dallas Clark Kent
  • Dr. Maurice Jones-Doom

Got more Comic Book Superhero Fantasy Football themed team names? Let us hear’em in the comments below!

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