There have been rumors circulating lately of Marshawn Lynch’s possible return. What started as a rumor has now progressed into quite the story. And, from what the reports say, it is Raiders or bust. Lynch is from the Oakland area, so it makes since that he would want to play for them. Also, with Latavius Murray gone to Minnesota, the Raiders need an RB. Let’s look at this story and see where we go.

He spent nine years in the NFL, which is normally above average for a pro football career, the average length of which is usually three years. He is currently 30, but will be 31 in April. However, Lynch is still in good shape by all accounts, and can easily be ready to go for training camps. Lynch has had great statistics for a majority of his career, and keeps his focus on the game, but has also had a talent for media as well. But clearly Lynch is all about football. A return of Beast Mode will do great for the NFL. He was one of the most entertaining backs in the league. There is no more memorable run than the ‘Beast Quake’ against the Saints.

The Raiders are still a playoff team. They have their QB (Carr), their top WR (Cooper), and a solid defense. Adding Lynch would be a huge improvement. First, there is a new veteran voice in the huddle, which this young Raiders team could thrive from. Second, with Murray moving on to Minnesota, they could use a new RB. Yes, this year’s draft has many options for the position, but there is no Ezekiel Elliott in this year’s draft. To play it safe and add Lynch would be wonderful for the Raiders. From what I’ve seen, I haven’t heard anything about the salary talks yet. However, Lynch doesn’t seem like the type that will demand a huge contract to come out of retirement and play for one team. He said it is Raiders of bust, so there is a good chance that the Raiders will get a good deal with Lynch.

The only real concerns are him fitting into a pass first offense, and the fact that he missed a year. Now, the latter isn’t as concerning, as it’s only been a year. The struggle will be him fitting into an offense that has Cooper and Crabtree lining up next to him. He will also have to face a tough defense from Denver and Kansas City. That’s not saying that he won’t be able to post production, it just means we won’t probably see as many “Beast Mode” runs as we would like to.

In the end, the signing of Lynch to the Raiders would do wonders for all. Lynch comes back and plays for his hometown team, the Raiders get a premier back, and the NFL has the return of a superstar. Hopefully the Raiders can make it happen.

About The Author Patrick Cheesman

Patrick is a lifelong football fan. Born in the Cincinnati area, he loves the Bengals, but his absolute favorite team is the Packers. Patrick represents Breaking Football as a news and info correspondent.