Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went into the 2013 NCAA season as a locked in #1 overall pick for the 2014 NFL Draft. At the very worst, he might have contention for the top spot from freak athlete, Jadeveon Clowney. Yet despite a very solid 2013 season, a poor Pro Day and some minor question marks, Bridgewater isn’t even the consensus top quarterback.

Let’s break down Bridgewater’s pros and cons as we evaluate him for the 2014 NFL Draft:


  • Worked out of a pro style offense so transition should be easier
  • Has terrific pocket presence and overall awareness
  • Steps up into the pocket with confidence
  • Shows good mobility and can keep plays alive as he evades the rush
  • Very smooth and fluid passer
  • Has a nice, quick release
  • Good at reading the defense and keeping his eyes down the field
  • Flat out accurate
  • Extremely balanced, appears to be the total package
  • Really stepped up against tougher opponents


  • Odd, slender frame
  • Not an elite athlete, despite solid mobility
  • Has an awkward release point
  • Minor durability concerns
  • Didn’t face a ton of elite competition
  • Is a little inconsistent with his touch down the field
  • Did have a rather shaky Pro Day


Bridgewater is about as can’t miss as they come under center. He may not have the frame or size everyone loves, but he worked out of a pro system and can make every throw that will be asked of him at the next level. He doesn’t have the ceiling of a Blake Bortles or a Johnny Manziel, but he doesn’t have the raw factor they do, either. The reality is, the knocks on Bridgewater are weak. He’s not the most exciting prospect in the world, but he’s going to win games at the next level.

Draft Range: Top 10

NFL Player Comparison: Geno Smith

Louisville Highlights:

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