A couple of weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers teased their uniform redesign by showing us their brand, spankin’ new helmet, which you can gawk at over here. Other than a few color alterations and a blowing-up of the flag logo, it wasn’t a whole lot different from the previous installment.

Monday, the team revealed their new duds. There, you can see Doug Martin and Gerald McCoy standing lifelessly in what appears to be a deep, black nothingness. The darkened pants and top of the shoulders look nice, but what is the rest of it? They’ve addedwhat appears to be something of a dull orange type color on the trim, and kept a few hints of “Buccaneer Red” around in various spots. The jersey numbers look like they’re straight off of the clock on your microwave. There are also logos all over the place, on both sides of the hip and on either shoulder. The white ones look better than the red ones, but both are still horrid.

When they unveiled the helmet, the team described the redesign as an attempt to make the logo more “intimidating”. I’m not really sure if this is what they accomplished, but they certainly do look like some generic opposing team from “Any Given Sunday”.

The press release says the team will hold the first “public viewing” of the new uniforms on Wednesday at an event open to Bucs Season Pass Members only.


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