Rising from what seems to be a 24 hour dream. Eyes bleeding from the way-too-early sunrise. Stomach aching, as it tries to slowly digest the 55 buffalo wings you ate whilst thinking you were in a contest against a Patriots fan — whom did not exist. Your head beats like the bass to a Calvin Harris song.

Yet, you’re as chipper as a kid watching cat videos.

It wasn’t a dream. The Eagles came out victorious. Defying all odds and doubters to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy and call themselves World Champions. Nick Foles, a backup quarterback, slayed Goliath with his calm and collectivism. Doug Pederson became the very dragon slayer he always wanted to be while playing with his ‘stones’ to call a trick play on 4th and 1, on the Patriots 1 yard line. To call a shotgun, pass play, on 4th and 1 at midfield.

The game didn’t disappoint and neither did the outcome, unless you’re a Patriots fan. In which I respond with, “you’ll be fine.”

However, in the wake of the Super Bowl, the football community will start to shift. The NFL Draft will now become the most conversed topic, with the Combine less than a month away. Followed by Pro-Days. Concluding with the late-April draft.

In the middle of all the draft reports, the NFL will open up it’s new season shortly after the Combine. We will then start to hear revved up conversations about old faces in new places.

Then it’s fantasy season throughout the summer and into fall. [Unless you’re like me, where fantasy never ends]

However, in this article I will be discussing none of the above.

With Patricia about to officially confirm his spot as Detroit Lions Head Coach, I’m going to tell you an idea I have about how this relationship will all work out.

Martha Ford wants Patricia to take away the beard. She wants her head coaches to be civilized looking. Now, does taking away the beard change anything about the man? Not in my opinion, unless you’re the media. The media has this idea of Patricia as someone who will wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Someone who will eat and say anything. A guy who is a rocket scientist on the inside but a football player on the outside. Taking away Patricia’s beard will eliminate all those views and make him more of a scapegoat with any flaws that come Detroit’s way.

The beard intimidated.

Taking it away may take away some of the fierceness that other people see. Does this have anything to do with winning football games? No, just some food for thought.

Patricia is now coming off a very tough loss to Nick Foles and company in the biggest game of the year. Sure, Patricia has won a few Super Bowls and losing this one shouldn’t diminish his credentials. But, his defense allowed 41 points to a quarterback who couldn’t make it on the Kansas City roster a year ago.

This shouldn’t scare Lions fans, but all Lions fans have been down this road before. A guy who the fan base wanted, who the owner wanted, and who the GM wanted. We’ve had that guy before and it didn’t work.

Patricia will need to bring his smart, defensive mentality into Detroit and instill a ‘fight for 60 minutes’ attitude and shy away from Caldwell’s ‘be very conservative and hopefully we’ll only be down a couple touchdowns in the fourth’ mentality.

General Manager Bob Quinn has worked with Patricia before and they won together. Now, coming to one of the worst franchises in NFL history, there will need to be a certain mojo that comes along. Hopefully that mojo isn’t shaved away this week — before it even gets to Detroit.

About The Author Nick Faber

Nick is an avid fantasy footballer and avid sports follower from Detroit, Michigan. He hosts the Ten in the Head video podcast which can be found at facebook.com/teninthehead.