Let’s be clear: The real reason everyone watches the Super Bowl is for the party! One of the best ways to do a Super Bowl party is to base the snacks and drinks on the cities represented in the game. Super Bowl XLVIII features the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, and although Denver and Seattle are not know as distinctive culinary spots, there are still some decent options.

Denver, Colorado means Rocky Mountain cuisine: bison and Rocky Mountain oysters (no, they are not shellfish). Fortunately, Colorado also counts as Southwestern, adding Tex-Mex to your party mix. There are plenty of good recipes out there for Chile Colorado – the only thing they have in common is usually a lot of peppers and not too many (or any) tomatoes. While Chile Colorado doesn’t actually originate in Colorado, it’s an easy loophole.

What if you want to base your cuisine on players? One can make Peyton Mannwiches, which are very simple party pleasers. One pound ground beef, or turkey, or vegetarian crumbles, plus one can Manwich sloppy joe sauce. Then spoon it on top of mini buns and serve. I will also top mine with toothpicks attached to images of Manning. You can doctor up the Mannwiches by adding a bell pepper and/or hot sauce, if your guests like it spicier.

The Broncos roster has many options, really. One could make Eric Double Decker Sandwiches, topped with Joel Salad Dreessen. Duke “Nacho” Ihenacho is easy enough, and an important part of any party. Or do British hors d’ouvres with Quince-ton Jammer and Jeremy Mincey Pie. Don’t forget about (Zac) Dysert – he may be the No. 3 quarterback but he’s No. 1 in names that look like after-meal courses.

What to drink? Denver is known as home of Coors, but beer has really evolved past the cheap mass-produced stuff, and your tastebuds should too. To quote the words of Stephen Beaumont of the Ale Street News (Vol. 22 No. 6), “[Drinking Coors] Light because it was the only beer available… Would you eat monkey scrotum because it was the only meat available?” (And again, we are back to the Rocky Mountain Oysters.) Some of the better Colorado brews are from Avery, Bristol or Left Hand. There’s also a Crabtree Brewing Co., if you really want to get under a Seahawks fan’s skin.

Seattle is known more for being the home of coffee than its food, but there is a strong locavore movement there, and plenty of fresh seafood. Fresh Pacific Salmon is probably out of your party price range, but lox pinwheels are an easy enough appetizer. Simply lay the smoked salmon out on a sheet, spread cream cheese (you can and should spiff up the cream cheese with seasonings and vegetables), then roll them up like jelly rolls.

The Seahawks roster does not have nearly as many gustatory names, but we will try. One cannot serve actual sea hawk, as they are endangered, but chicken or turkey are easy. It may be from Tennessee, but you can serve Marshawn Lynch-burg Lemonade. Of course, Beast Mode is known for his love of Skittles, so have plenty of those on hand. Golden Tate(r) Tots are always a crowd pleaser, too, even if not everyone loves the receiver. Sidney Rice may be out for the season but you can certainly serve Rice at your party – maybe even as an accompaniment to the Chile Colorado, creating harmony from both teams. And for dessert are Chris Clemons Squares and, even though he’s suspended, Brandon Browner-ies.

The major drink of Seattle is, of course, coffee, so put on a pot or two. Red Hook and Rogue produce craft beers that can be found nationwide.

Hopefully these suggestions have helped get your creative juices flowing, and you can come up with your own ideas for a truly unique Super Bowl experience. Remember too that the game will be played in New York – so you can just ignore those terrible puns above and order pizza (or make the Denver Broncos one in the picture above)!

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