His career is over before it even started. No not Boobie Miles, I’m talking about Jay Cutler and his broadcasting career. Make no doubt about it, our ears will be graced by Cutler’s silky smooth voice, ranting about the NFL, on his way to a prodigious broadcasting career. But, that line of work will be put on pause in 2017 as he officially comes out of retirement to start his bidding for starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Matt Moore played impressively well down the stretch for the Dolphins last season, so don’t count him out of the pole position just yet.

Eerily similar to Minnesota last year, Cutler joins a playoff team with high hopes of being able to be a game manager who can win. Bradford, who was in the same situation, didn’t get his team to the playoffs but played extremely well. Taking smart and thought out risks. Moving the ball forward as he broke the NFL record for completion percentage in a single season. Cutler, on the other hand, will head south. With a talented team awaiting his arrival, like receivers primed for breakouts, speedsters, sure handed options and a running back on the fringe of eliteness. Cutler, shall he be named starter, will take on a role with many expectations. Cutler had career numbers when paired with Adam Gase, head coach of the Dolphins, which played a major role into the signing of Cutler. In 2015 Cutler threw the least amount of interceptions in his career when playing 15 or more games. In addition, Cutler had a career high for completion percentage. Exactly what a game manager will have to do to secure a second straight playoff season for the Dolphins. Gase had a way with Cutler. One that many coaches tried to acquire but never really succeeded.

Let us not forget about the man who threw eight touchdowns and three interceptions, in three games started last season. Finishing with a 70.59% completions rate against the, would be Super Bowl champions. Winning two of the three games he started. Matt Moore, who is looking from the outside in, yet again. Moore throws the ball well and manages games, but nothing is handed to you in the NFL. Now here comes Cutler to vy for the job. It’ll be a fun preseason when watching this battle work itself out.

No matter who starts for the Dolphins, fantasy adjustments are a fact. I’ll be leaving Cutler and Moore off my draft list for QB’s (unless in a superflex or 2 QB league) for the fact that Cutler will need a couple games under his belt before we can start hoping for big fantasy games. Though, they may be available somewhat earlier in the season.

If he gels nicely then watch out for some big games. Be aware the Dolphins play the Jets and Saints in weeks three and four. Bad defenses can get Cutler his groove back. Moore won’t be on my list because he’s shown good mannerisms in the small sample size. But, that’s exactly it, a ‘small sample size’.

How Jay Cutler Affects Fantasy Values

Jay Ajayi stays put in my rankings. This could benefit Ajayi with more of a load. On the other hand, not having the mobile and talented Tannehill at quarterback, it may close up a few holes that would be available. Ajayi is already ranked in the top 10 and there isn’t much movement going on up there.

Landry is the sure handed receiver that may tinker off the beaten path with this news. He should still see a healthy amount of targets. As skilled as he is, Landry will make the most of them. But, it’ll take some time for Cutler to feel confident enough to push it that way excessively.

Parker, who’s primed for a breakout season hasn’t lost that thought in my mind and actually moves up a spot due to the recent news. Parker can easily become Cutler’s favorite target and is a play maker. Cutler will notice that quick and form a tight bond.

Kenny Stills, the burner, saw the end zone more than expected last season and I don’t foresee a continuation of that. Cutler can throw it deep with ease. He will take his chances. Stills has just never been a touchdown machine. Nine touchdowns is a lot. Yardage will probably drop to 650 yards with 5 touchdowns.

All things considered, the Dolphins did what they thought was the best option for them to win now. Cutler will probably see the field week one, leaving Moore to hold the clipboard. Ajayi remains a top 10 running back, the receivers rise and fall a few spots and I’ll be avoiding Cutler in any drafts, but closely watching their games before weeks three and four.

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