Name: Shane Carden
Position: QB
College: East Carolina
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2
Weight: 221
Unofficial 40-yard dash: 4.82
Projected Round in NFL Draft: 3-4

Shane Carden has emerged as one of the most prolific QBs in NCAA football. After a very solid 2013 season, he has come out and torched opposing defenses this season. He had a three game stretch in which he threw for over 400 yards and three TDs against two ACC defenses (Virginia Tech, UNC) and SMU. Throughout that stretch he totaled 1,275 yards, 11 TDs and just one interception. There is no doubt that Carden can put up stats in bunches. He also has the ability to make plays under pressure with solid mobility that allows him to extend plays. Playing in Conference USA for most of his career has raised questions about his level of competition. ECU’s jump to the American Athletic Conference should help answer at least some of those questions. The issue many GMs will have with Carden is his imperfect mechanics and release. He has a bit of a windup and the ball often comes out somewhat side armed. Many QBs with interesting deliveries have managed to overcome it on draft day. Philip Rivers has a very strange release which was a major concern for NFL GMs. He was still drafted in the first round and has gone on to be a great NFL QB. Carden’s prolific passing and ability to make plays may be enough to propel him up draft boards this offseason. He has a real shot to be the fourth QB off the board.

Let’s break down the strengths and weaknesses that NFL GM’s will be looking at when he decides to enter himself in to the draft.

2012 Statistics

Passing: CMP:273 ATT:413 CMP%:66.1 YDS:3116 AVG:7.5 TD:23 INT:10 QBR:143.0

Rushing: ATT:85 YDS:74 AVG:0.9 TD:8

2013 Statistics

Passing: CMP:387 ATT:549 CMP%:70.5 YDS:4139 AVG:7.5 TD:33 INT:10 QBR:150.0

Rushing: ATT:90 YDS:103 AVG:1.1 TD:10

2014 Statistics (as of 10/22/14)

Passing: CMP:166 ATT:252 CMP%:65.9 YDS:2129 AVG:8.4 TD:16 INT:4 QBR:154.6

Rushing: ATT:39 YDS:73 AVG:1.9 TD:3


– Plays great under pressure
– Throws crisp, accurate passes on the run
– Great at getting rid of the ball under duress
– Improvises well
– Escapes pressure and makes something out of nothing
– Exceptional in the red zone both as a passer and runner
– Throws and accurate long-ball
– Very mobile in the pocket
– Throws a great deep opposite sideline throw, even under pressure
– Throws well behind the line of scrimmage


– Does not have elite arm strength
– Size is adequate but lacks ideal NFL size
– Winds up a little bit when throwing
– Tends to deliver the ball sidearm
– Has a tendency to miss on easy medium-length passes
– Does not run an NFL style offense
– Has not faced top notch competition


While Carden is an excellent prospect and is quite the playmaker, there is sure to be a lot of questions surrounding him come draft day. His awkward release and less than ideal situation at ECU will have GMs second guessing. QBs that face high-level competition in an NFL style offense have a huge leg up. Nonetheless, his talent is undeniable and it would not be shocking if a team reached for him and took a shot on his upside. How he finishes out the season is sure to have a major impact on his draft stock.

Draft Range: Third-Fourth round with upside

NFL Player Comparison: Colt McCoy and Bruce Gradkowski

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