The most interesting thing about the San Francisco 49ers offense last season happened during the national anthem. The Chip Kelly experiment failed for a second time and Kyle Shanahan is now in charge. Is there anyone on the 49ers that you should draft in fantasy football?

The signing of Brian Hoyer is a perfect placeholder for the 49ers. With eyes on Kirk Cousins situation in Washington, the 49ers have a competent starter, capable of moving the ball. That might not equate to an elite offense, but in the right spots, it could lead to some promising fantasy assets. Of course, on that you’d actually think could flourish might not end up being very reliable.

BUST: Carlos Hyde

That could end up being top Niners running back, Carlos Hyde. Hyde is someone no owner feels great drafting. In the past he has been the clear starter in San Francisco but it appears things have changed. With a new head coach and the additions of Tim Hightower and Joe Williams, Hyde will have to earn his spot.

With a backfield by committee forming in San Francisco, Hyde is someone to avoid. Hyde is being drafted before Doug Martin, Ty Montgomery and LeGarrette Blount. With a long injury history and cloudy role, don’t be the owner who drafts players based off their name.

SLEEPER: Pierre Garcon

The best situations for fantasy players is to be on losing teams. The 49ers will be losing a lot of games this year. Pierre Garcon is on the 49ers. I can see the garbage time points already. After a 1,000 yard season, Garcon left the Washington Redskins and got PAID by the 49ers. Now the top target in offensive genius Kyle Shanahan’s system, Garcon is in for a big season, even if some don’t agree.

The best part? Nobody wants to draft Pierre Garcon or anyone who’s quarterback is Brian Hoyer. Garcon is being drafted at the end of round nine, providing great value. Draft Garcon and put him in your lineup with confidence. Just don’t watch any of the 49ers games, just check his stats after the game is over and smile.

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