It has been since week seven of 2013 since Sam Bradford has been in a regular season game. Bradford has endured two straight seasons of tearing the ACL in his left knee. He now has a new opportunity with a new team in the Philadelphia Eagles and looking to stay healthy and make a name for himself. If all goes well, a Bradford that returns to form and can stay healthy would hypothetically be a very dangerous weapon in the world of fantasy football.

Bradford was constantly under duress during his time with the St. Louis Rams and that may have contributed to his injury prone reputation. There are several reasons Bradford may find more success in Philadelphia. The system that Chip Kelly has put in place could be a Godsend for Bradford. Quick passes should allow him to get rid of the ball before getting hit too often. There is an interesting stat about this that Bradford should learn. Nick Foles started eight games for the Eagles in 2014 and was sacked nine times while Mark Sanchez started eight games and was sacked 23 times. So, take my advice Sam, “Do what Nick did.”

Also, the Eagles have a strong running game that will take a lot of the pressure off of the passing game. Bradford has really never had the benefit of a superstar running back and a team that will commit to the run. He may be able to finally show his number one overall draft talent with this team.

All that considered, I believe if he can stay healthy that Sam Bradford will have a breakout year in fantasy leagues. Of course, with the questions surrounding his health he is at best a QB2 in season long leagues. DFS fantasy football sites might be where you find the most value in Bradford, especially when the matchup is right. That matchup could be right away in week one, when Philly takes on a weak Atlanta Falcons defense. Could Bradford be the perfect fantasy passer to help you piece together a lineup to chase $2 million? Maybe, maybe not. But there’s absolutely no denying the upside Sam Bradford brings to the table if he can just stay on the field in 2015.

About The Author Harold Dean

Harold is a passionate football fan from High School and College to the NFL. No team is safe from his scrutinizing eye.