The St. Louis Rams have not yet received any phone calls regarding a possible trade involving their fifth-year quarterback and former No. 1 pick in 2010, Sam Bradford. Although rumors have circulated there has been interest from the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns, a Sam Bradford trade is highly unlikely.

Bradford has missed most of the last two seasons after tearing back-to-back left ACL’s. He is now having to compete to keep the starting job on the Rams roster and the team has evidently pressured Bradford into taking a reduction in his salary for the final year of his contract. This sparked the talks of a Bradford trade, although no other teams have taken much interest.

With no teams taking a swing on nabbing Bradford, it is likely that the Rams are asking too much for a relatively unproven Bradford whose future is questionable, depending on how well he comes back from the injuries and subsequent surgeries.

It appears as if the Rams will remain with Bradford on their roster, and unless Bradford and his agent allow the salary reduction, the Rams will be paying Bradford’s $16 million cap for the final year of his contract.

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