There comes a time in each week of fantasy football where you just have to ignore an elite fantasy option. In week two it may have been the likes of C.J. Anderson or Andrew Luck. With tough matchups, neither seemed like amazing plays. And they weren’t.

Truth be told, my week two fades were awful. If there was ever a week to say “I’m going to do exactly the opposite of what this guy says”, last week was it. Peyton Manning brought himself back to life, Brandon Marshall ignored the dominance of Vontae Davis, A.J. Green barely noticed Jason Verrett, DeAngelo Williams scored three damn touchdowns and Latavius Murray produced as the damn Raiders hung 37 points on the Ravens.

I was wrong, and I’ll openly admit it. But last week was a big bowl of whatever. Travis Benjamin, Larry Fitzgerald and the aforementioned, undying D-Will all scored three times. All of them. And it was bullshit.

But hey, this has become the NFL and fantasy football as we know it. At some points we need to adapt and say, yeah, it makes sense that Jimmy Graham got completely shutdown by the Packers. One catch? Sure.

But enough sour grapes. I can only put my head down and move on to week three, where one can only hope we’re greeted by some damn logic for a change. Forgetting week two and throwing caution to the wind, here are my top daily fantasy football fades for week three:

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins ($6.7k)

Truth be told, ol’ Tanny is a solid value. He’s under $7k and has the upside to take a shot on with 19.9 fantasy points per game through the first two weeks. He also could crater beyond belief. He wasn’t elite in week one against the Redskins and last week he torched the Jaguars. Congrats? I’m sure he could be fine this week, but he’s going up against an angry Bills defense that is 1. pretty good and 2. pretty mad. Me no likey.

Sam Bradford, QB, Philadelphia Eagles ($6.3k)

There is value to be had here as Philly should throw all day, but Bradford tossed 37 balls last week and got 10.86 fantasy points. He and the Eagles just aren’t very good right now, and in week three they take it to the road against a very good Jets defense. Bradford is a value pick but he’s probably a waste of time with this matchup.

Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears ($7.3k)

No Cutler, on the road against a good Seahawks defense and pretty expensive. That’s a nasty trio in daily fantasy football, kids. Obviously Forte always carries upside and you’re starting him in regular leagues, but paying up for him in DFS is just silly – especially when Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are a similar price and flat out safer. There’s also the return of Le’Veon Bell and a ton of value to be had at the position. Give Forte the big FAAAAADE this week.

DeMarco Murray, RB, Philadelphia Eagles ($6.6k)

The only good thing here is Murray is a slight value and he still has a big role. On the horrific downside, he’s on the road against a nasty Jets defense that just made Andrew Luck it’s bitch and Murray and all of the Eagles have looked like total trash. The odds of him randomly running wild this week are so beyond not good, it’s not even funny.

Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco 49ers ($5.4k)

I missed out on the week one explosion in a lot of DFS games so I tried making up for it by using Hyde all of the wheres in week two. The Steelers don’t have an imposing defense and I bought into the Niners having a pulse after what they did in week one. I was wrong. Horrifyingly wrong. There’s still a chance Hyde, as a starting running back, lives up to his solid value. But he’s on the road against a strong Arizona defense. He’s also banged up. I’m not feeling it for week three.

Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions ($7.9k)

Matthew Stafford is super banged up, so even if he plays this week it’s hard to feel good about him and Detroit’s passing game. On top of that, no one in Detroit has looked very good so far and in week three Megatron gets a face full of Aqib Talib. Can he win that matchup? Sure. But he might not and he’s pretty expensive. I’d much rather go for Demaryius Thomas, who is literally $100 more and a vastly superior play this week.

Keenan Allen, WR, San Diego Chargers ($6.8k)

There’s the Keenan Allen we know and loathe! A week after shocking the world and probably himself with a ridiculous 15 receptions, Allen caught two balls for 15 yards. Frick. Well, we should have seen that coming, as Allen was all over the place in 2014 and that Chargers passing game in general is just impossible to predict. Now he goes up against an underrated Vikings defense with cover man Xavier Rhodes likely shadowing him all day. Allen absolutely represents value here and could still produce, but I’m not taking the dive in DFS fantasy football.

Jimmy Graham, TE, Seattle Seahawks ($5.8k)

Sorry, but screw this crap. Graham really barely salvaged week one with some late targets and a score. He’s otherwise been an after thought in Seattle’s offense, just as we all feared. I don’t know if it’s the matchup (kind of) or Russell Wilson not being able to get him the ball. Whatever the case, I’m either spending for Rob Gronkowski or diving super low for a cheap tight end (like, Richard Rodgers or Jared Cook, cheap, bruh). It’s just not worth the headache.

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