The NFL Playoffs as we know them may cease to exist. According to, there is not currently “momentum” for a playoff reseeding, but that the idea of expansion in the playoss is “under serious consideration”.

Per Roger Goodell, the NFL has long believed that winning one’s division needs to be in high regard, thus putting it ahead of actual seeding.

“I don’t think there is momentum for that,” Goodell said, when asked about potential playoff reseeding. “I would probably disagree. There may be momentum in the media…but one of the premises we start with every season is that your first objective is to win the division. And when you win the division, you should have a home game.”

Goodell talked about how competitive the league has been, and how the division races have come down to the wire. Specifically this season, the NFC East and NFC North divisions weren’t decided until week 17, while the NFC West, NFC South and AFC West were up for grabs until the final two weeks, as well.

“That’s extraordinary and we want to keep that,” Goodell continued, “If we could increase that, and again this is about believing in better, can you make it better, can you make those (division) races better by adding two more teams? That’s compelling and that’s what we’re looking at.”

Adding two more teams would give each conference seven playoffs teams, with one team from each conference earning a first round bye, instead of the normal two.

Nothing has been decided and the idea will have to be voted on, but it’s something to monitor going forward.


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