After starting 2-3 with 38 yards, Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III went down hard from a non-contact injury. If you watched the replay in slow-mo, and I know you did cause us Americans are sick, you squirmed in your seat. The injury was later confirmed to be a dislocated ankle.

On Monday RG3 received an MRI showing no fracture, which is good news for the time being. The ‘Skins can’t put a timetable on the injury at this stage, but they are hoping for a 4-5 week return. Like the Richard Sherman was “exposed” headlines, I’m not buying it. RGIII was in serious pain and by the time he returns, Kirk Cousins may very well have established himself as the starting QB for Washington.

More recent reports have placed a timetable of anywhere from 6-8 weeks for his return. And when asked about his starting job security, head coach Jay Gruden in no way backed up the notion that it was Griffin’s job when he returned for good. It seems as if it will be Kirk Cousins job to lose from here on out. We saw how it played out in Philadelphia last year when Nick Foles took over and it very well may end up with the same result. Kirk Cousins is a high end QB2 in fantasy football at the moment, but with all the weapons around could easily rise to QB1 status within weeks.

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