The Cleveland Browns are coached by Mike Pettine, which is something I actually had to Google just to make sure. Kinda surprised he survived more than one season. This is the Browns we’re talking about, you know. Anyway, the aforementioned coach says the team has had internal discussions regarding the possibility of bringing noted domestic abuser and former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice into the fold.

The Browns apparently aren’t too pleased with the training camp performance of their current running backs thus far. I’m not sure how this is overly shocking to them, given the backs on the roster include Isaiah Crowell, Terrance West and Shaun Draughn. They also drafted Duke Johnson out of Miami. Not exactly a murderer’s row there, guys.

Pettine and Cleveland’s current RB coach, Wilbert Montgomery (chauffeur name!), both worked with Rice in Baltimore for several years, so there’s some familiarity here already. Of course, any team that signs Rice is going to have to answer plenty of questions regarding his notorious situation of last year. He has been reinstated by the NFL, however, so he shouldn’t have to worry about any further suspension.

If the Browns were to sign Rice and if he made it through camp in good shape, one would imagine he should start the season as the team’s No. 1 back. However, let’s not forget that this is a guy that averaged a paltry 3.1 yards-per-carry back in 2013, amassing just 660 yards on 214 totes. There’s a pretty decent chance that he’s done being a serviceable runner in the NFL on ability alone. He did catch 58 passes though, which could prove useful. The Browns do have a solid OL, which could help him find some space, too. If you’re in need of a RB and have a late-round draft pick worth using as a flier on a guy, I suppose you could probably do worse than Ray Rice in fantasy football leagues.

Then again, let’s also not forget that we’re talking about the Browns, here. The Browns gonna Browns, you know.

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