After Jordy Nelson went down for the season, Randall Cobb’s week 1 matchup against the Chicago Bears looked ideal. However, now that Cobb is dealing with an AC Joint sprain for the past couple of weeks, his week 1 hype has dissapated. While there hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of doubt over whether he’d play today or not, there is understandable concern over the injury.

Cobb will indeed suit up today, but as ESPN’s Bob Holtzman reports, he will have some extra protection underneath his jersey.

So what does this mean for your fantasy team?

With a Grade 1 sprained AC Joint, there is virtually no concern over Cobb’s mobility. He should be able to run his routes and catch the ball just fine. The concern with AC joints is more about re-injury. The Packers want him on the field, especially with Jordy Nelson out, because his sheer presence alters the defense. Every time they throw him the ball, however, they’re putting his future health at risk.

The Packers should be able to beat the Bears without much production from Cobb, so expect them to avoid targeting him much today. The potential for a big game is certainly there, and Rodgers could certainly work the sidelines with him, but don’t expect him to be much more than a decoy today. This is great news for Davonte Adams, Jeff Janis, Richard Rodgers or James Jones owners, but if I own Cobb, I’m almost certainly leaving him on the bench.

Since you’re benching him in season long leagues, it goes without saying that Cobb should be avoided in daily fantasy football leagues. Simply speaking, shelling out $8,000 at DraftKings, or $8,400 at FanDuel would be a waste.

That being said, you could use Cobb as a contrarian pick or use some of Green Bay’s cheap receiver options to claim $10,000 at DraftKings in their week one free roll. Good luck!

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