The Green Bay Packers and their outstanding impending free agent Randall Cobb are both in danger of losing if they continue on their current path leading up to the opening of the free agent market. It has been reported that Cobb’s agent rejected a five-year $8-9 million annual deal from the Packers, who only hold exclusive negotiating rights until Saturday at 4 p.m. ET – which is when Cobb’s agent expects more lucrative deals to start rolling in from other teams.

Cobb is the top wide receiver on the open market and with lots of salary-cap space, it is expected that the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars will be in on the bidding for the talented wide receiver. The Kansas City Chiefs are also prepared to create the cap space necessary to try and land Cobb.

The Packers are still hoping to reach a last minute deal, and it is hoped that Cobb will consider his legacy and earning potential – leaving the NFL’s best quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, and a team that is a sure-fire Super Bowl contender for a questionable team that may not be the best answer for his future.

Fantasy Insight: Cobb would be a mixed back elsewhere in 2015, as he’d surely garner more targets on a per game basis as his new team’s top weapon, but facing constant double coverages and working with an inferior quarterback could hurt him. In Green Bay, Jordy Nelson would only bump up a few notches where he’s already considered a top-5 threat, while Davante Adams would see his stock spike considerably. The raw Jeff Janis would also suddenly be on the fantasy football radar.

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