The subject surrounding the Bears this offseason after the draft has been who they should start at quarterback. Mike Glennon, a vet that just got paid 3 years/$45mil, which isn’t a bad deal. He is the 22nd highest paid quarterback. He was solid in his rookie year with the Bucs, but then got benched for Josh McCown and then eventually the Bucs drafted Jamies Winston, now their franchise quarterback. Glennon’s career numbers aren’t bad at all, stacking up 30 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He could be a good starter for the Bears.

But, there’s this guy that they traded up to get in the draft named Mitch Trubisky. He was arguably the best quarterback in the draft, and has all the tools to be great in the NFL. He stated that Glennon is the starter and that he is ready to compete and learn. He said Glennon has already helped him a lot and that they both know this is all business. Many analysts think Trubisky will be the starter by the start of the season, especially if the Bears feel he is ready to go, but I don’t think that’s what the Bears should do.

The Bears should let Glennon start the season, and if he starts playing poorly and Trubsiky is ready, throw in the rookie. Chicago should try to not have Trubisky play the first season, and get him one year under his belt to learn everything. We’ve seen how many rookie QBs fizzle out after being thrown into the fire too early, the Bears should approach this situation with caution, especially because they already have a guy whom they just paid who is capable of leading the charge.

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