Fantasy football just got real. That’s right, the days of fighting over chump change with your pals in your weak 6-man league are over. You’re moving to the big leagues, where fantasy football is a job and research with potato chips on your sweatpants and a redbull in both hands is a thing. A very good thing.

In week one, DraftKings is giving you a chance to turn this fun little game where you pick real NFL players to score you fake points, into a serious money maker. You always had the ability to drop funds into and put your own cash on the line to win the big bucks, but DK is throwing caution to the wind and seeing what you’re made of. And they’re putting the dough up to let you prove your worth.

$100k, to be precise.

NFL and fantasy football fiends alike get to enjoy the first week of pro football action in style, as they don’t have to put down a single cent to have a shot at winning $100,000 in cash prizes. First place gets a cool 10 GRAND, while second gets $5,000 and if you finish inside the top-10 you at least get $100. Finishers inside the top 23,000 get at least a free game ticket to a week two fantasy football contest, meaning even if you don’t win big, you’ll have another free shot to do so.

But you’ve got to build a winner first. That’s where Breaking Football comes in, as we touch on both the season long and daily fantasy football angles and we feed you fantasy football advice on a daily basis. The first step is easy, though. Hit the box in this article or click here to sign up if you haven’t already. Anyone and everyone that is in a state that allows you to play DFS fantasy football in week one is allowed to play and win, and week one just might be your lucky stretch.

Fantasy football can be a nightmare at times. Losing is a real bummer, too. But regardless of what happens to start this NFL season, you won’t be losing any money if you start things off with DK’s week 1 fantasy football free roll. It’s free to play, it’s fun as balls and you could win enough money to buy a car, put money down on a house, pay off student loan debt or hit Vegas like a boss.

Locked in and ready to go? Awesome sauce. Now you can come back to BF on a daily and weekly basis as we strive to help make you the millions you’ve always wanted.

Here’s a taste of some week one sleepers you may want to consider using if you want to win the big bucks in the week one free roll:

Andy Dalton, QB, Cincinnati Bengals ($6.1k)

Truth be told, I might like Tyrod Taylor the best ($5k) if he’s officially named the starter. He looked fluid and ready during the preseason and the Colts don’t really scare me. The Red Rifle is as good as anyone to try in week one, though, and he’s also dirt cheap. He’ll come into 2015 ready to blast his right arm off, as A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert – unlike last season – are all healthy. He also plays the Raiders, making him a fun value buy to work with at quarterback. It’s absolutely true it’s important to play a QB who scores a good amount of points in DFS fantasy football games, but paying up for QB and watching them drop a turd is pretty much the worst. Plus, this is a freaking free roll. Try Dalton in week one.

Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4.5k)

Here’s a nice contrarian (and cheap) pick at running back for you. Everyone will be after the likes of Alfred Blue and maybe even Darren McFadden, while The Muscle Hamster seems to still have the goods to turn in some nice games. He’s got the talent and role to get the job done in week one, and he’s also facing the Titans. That’s hard to hate.

Eddie Royal, WR, Chicago Bears ($3.9k)

No, I didn’t forget about Davante Adams ($4.4k) or Devin Funchess ($3.8k). See, I even looked up their price tags. But everyone will be using those guys. Royal is another sweet contrarian pick and he’s Chicago’s #2 option. He’s also pretty good and he’s likely to be playing from behind against the Packers in week one. Royal could easily end up being a key reason you win the big bucks in DK’s week one NFL free roll.

Richard Rodgers, TE, Green Bay Packers ($2.5k)

Jordy Nelson died and aside from Randall Cobb, everyone else in Green Bay’s passing game is fairly unproven. Enter Rodgers, who has trumped Andrew Quarless and looks to be the Packers’ starting tight end, no questions asked. With a solid road date with the weak Chicago defense (plus THAT PRICE, YO), he’s intriguing as hell. If the hate on ol’ Rich is super strong, don’t fret, there are loads of value plays at tight end.

Miami Dolphins Defense ($3k)

Defense is a crapshoot, and that’s putting it lightly. That being said, Ndamukong Suh alone makes the Fins nasty and they were already a decent defense. Plus they face the mitigated disaster that is Robert Griffin III in week one. How’s that for icing on the cake as you chase all of the monies?

Week one is sure to be a hot mess, just like fantasy football has been over the past couple of years. But if logic does prevail and some of these value buys pan out, you could benefit greatly and walk into week two with thousands of bucks in your back pocket. You just need to sign up first and see what happens, brah.

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