There were a lot of big matchups this week. Some of the outcomes were surprising and some not so much. The rankings continue to shift rapidly but the top teams stood tall. And the bottom teams continued their losing ways. Everyone in between, well that’s a whole other story.

As the weeks go on, the power continues to shift in the NFL. See where your favorite team landed heading in to Week 9:

1. Denver Broncos
Record: 6-1

The Broncos further showed why they deserve to be the top team in the power rankings. They may have had some help from the refs but hey, it happens. The offense looks dominant and the defense looks strong. They will be a force to be reckoned with.

2. Arizona Cardinals
Record: 6-1

I received a lot of questions about why I had the Cardinals so high, and wait until they play the Eagles. I waited and now you have your answer. They hold strong at No.2 and deservedly so.

3. New England Patriots
Record: 6-2

The Patriots made a huge jump this week after blowing out the Bears in convincing fashion and that may be an understatement. After many counted them out, they’re right back in the top three where they’ve been for so long.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Record: 5-2

The Eagles lost a hard fought game to a tough Cardinals team. There is no shame in that and luckily for them they don’t fall because everybody else lost too.

5. San Diego Chargers
Record: 5-3
Very similar to the Eagles, they lost to the top team and if not for some bad calls by the refs, that game could have been a whole lot closer. They stay put despite a tough loss.

6. Detroit Lions
Record: 6-2

It was ugly, but they won. It was very ugly. The Lions found a way to win in the second half after being down 21 to a reeling Falcons team. They’re doing it without most of their key players on offense so it’s hard to fault them for not blowing teams out.

7. Dallas Cowboys
Record: 6-2

Just when you start to believe in the Cowboys. Right on queue they lose a prime time game, at home, against their miserable arch rivals. This was a trap game and they got caught in the trap. Guess what Cowboy fans, maybe everyone that doubted the Cowboys this week wasn’t just a “hater”.

8. Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 4-2-1

Despite a few inexplicable performances by their defense, it is pretty impressive what the Bengals are doing without their best player. They are in the driver seat in AFC North and A.J. Green should be back this week. They face Jacksonville in Week 9 and Baltimore and Pitt face off. With two wins over the Ravens, Cincy all of a sudden looks like the favorite to win the division.

9. Baltimore Ravens
Record: 5-3

That was a game they could not afford to lose and they lost it. They should be very upset with themselves this week. They will need to bounce back against the Steelers Week 9 or things could spiral quickly.

10. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 5-3

We knew their defense wasn’t that good but damn! Big Ben made them look silly. Andrew Luck has been great but that is not a championship defense. They also need to get the turnovers under control. As gaudy as Luck’s numbers are, he makes way too many mistakes.

11. Green Bay Packers
Record: 5-3

After a blowout loss to the Saints, all of a sudden we begin to remember that this team probably should have lost to the Dolphins and Jets. Are they a team that finds a way to win or a team of underachievers?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers
Record: 5-3

I must admit, it was a bit shocking to see what the Steelers did to Indy. Big Ben put up maybe the best stat line I’ve ever seen for a QB ever. Martavis Bryant is emerging and the defense is making plays all of a sudden. With arguably a top three WR and RB, the Steelers could be very dangerous.

13. Buffalo Bills
Record: 5-3

Okay, it was just the Jets but they don’t make the schedule and they crushed them like they should have. This team continues to win without much talent on offense. While we all wait for Kyle Orton to implode, they’ll enjoy a 5-3 record.

14. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 4-3

The Seahawks got a much needed win, however, no one that watched that game was all that impressed. They are not the same team that won the Super Bowl just one season ago.

15. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 4-3

San Fran dropped a few spots during their bye week. They come back with what should be a layup against the Rams.

16. Kansas City Chiefs
Record: 4-3

Much like the Bills, the Chiefs played a bad team and routed them. They did what they were supposed to do. Unfortunately for them they dropped a spot No big deal though.

17. Miami Dolphins
Record: 4-3

Another team that just beat down an awful team. The offense did not look good though. Luckily the defense was tremendous. They have a huge test against the Chargers Week 9. They will need this win if they want to be taken seriously.

18. Houston Texans
Record: 4-4

One more time. The Texans faced a bad team and beat them down. What more is there to say? They have a much tougher game next week against Philly.

19. New Orleans Saints
Record: 3-4

With perhaps their season on the line, the Saints stepped up in a major way. They were dominant in the second half making Aaron Rodgers and the Packers look bad. It was a very impressive win.

20. Carolina Panthers
Record: 3-4-1

This team. I don’t know what to think. What I know is they better beat the Saints on Thursday if they want to stay in the playoff picture because they’re not winning when they visit the Super Dome.

21. Cleveland Browns
Record: 4-3

Unlike all the other teams that blew out bad teams, the Browns looked awful beating the Raiders. Johnny Football’s time is nearing ever closer. The Browns look ready to implode.

22. New York Giants
Record: 3-4

Coming off their bye, the Giants will look to get back on track. It won’t be easy though. They will face a very motivated Colts team.

23. Washington Redskins
Record: 3-5

The Redskins pulled off a huge win on Monday night. It is more than likely too little too late. Nonetheless, it was a nice win and RG3’s return is on the horizon.

24. Chicago Bears
Record: 3-5

Well that got ugly and got ugly quick. That defense. That quarterback. That team. Something has to change. They are wasting four tremendous offensive weapons.

25. Minnesota Vikings
Record: 3-5

It took overtime but they beat the Bucs. A win is a win… I guess.

26. St. Louis
Record: 2-5

They got crushed by the Chiefs and their best O-lineman tore his ACL. The Rams are one of the biggest disappointments of the season. Especially that front seven.

27. Atlanta Falcons
Record: 2-6

The Falcons went to London and were able to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory. What happened to Matt Ryan? He was so close to being one of the next elite QBs. This team was so close to being a Super Bowl contender. What happened?

28. Tennessee Titans
Record: 2-6

They benched their QB and they have very little talent. Their RBs are bad and WRs mediocre. The defense is terrible. This team just isn’t good.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record: 1-6

The Bucs are like the Titans except they have talent. This team may underachieve more than any other in the league. They have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball but just continue to lose.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars
Record: 1-7

The Jags got blown out and the QB is awful right now but he’s young. I must say though, after watching them a few times this season including Week 8, they have talent on offense and a very good pass rush. I still believe they are heading in the right direction. Just not this year.

31. New York Jets
Record: 1-7

Well that was embarrassing. They benched their QB after one of the worst quarters I’ve ever seen. Mike Vick wasn’t all that much better. This team is a dumpster fire. It’s time to get rid of the coach, the QB and maybe the GM. No one thought they’d be good, but they should be competitive. They are very slightly better than the Raiders.

32. Oakland Raiders
Record: 0-7

I really don’t know if they’re going to win a game this season. They are terrible. The Browns did everything they could to give that game away and the Raiders just are the worst. To be lower than that Jets team, you really have to be historically bad.

About The Author Mark Morales-Smith

Long time fantasy football and basketball player. Favorite sports teams include Dolphins, Hurricane Football, Cavs, Bearcats Bball, Devils, Braves.