With the 2015 NFL Draft rapidly approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about which guys in this year’s draft class could be bust candidates. It’s usually somewhat easy to see the obvious ones, as they come with glaring work ethic issues or character concerns, but sometimes there’s guys that look the part on and off the field and they just don’t pan out.

While it’s impossible to relate all draft busts and figure out the one thing that ruins NFL careers, it’s at least worth breaking down so we can figure out who the ultimate NFL Draft bust is, throughout history. We can all probably safely agree former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf takes the cake, but there’s several former elite prospects that deserve consideration.

Qprism.com goes ahead and considers all the options in their cool Infographic that breaks down the worst draft busts ever and declares an ultimate “winner”. Start from scratch with the worst draft busts in history and use the bracket to figure out for yourself, once and for all, who the worst draft bust is:

Via: qprism.com

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