Go ahead, you can do it. Letting go is never easy, but in this case you probably should just do it; let go of New York Jets running back Chris Johnson. In the fantasy football world, he has breathed his last breath. By role alone, he’s been dead for weeks, truly, as Johnson has seen his carries dip dramatically by week: 13, 12, 6, 7 and just 3 this past week.

In fact, CJ?k has just two touchdowns on the year, and if you go back and watch the tape, both feel kind of fluky. One was a random touchdown run where he ran directly into an offensive lineman and somehow burst through for a score against a very good Detroit Lions run defense. See? Fluky. The other was a shovel pass in week one against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders. See?

More importantly, Johnson just hasn’t been deserving of many touches, and we’ve seen why more and more with each passing week. He’s just not very effective. He had that random game with a nice 7.3 yards per carry average. This was against the Lions and mostly due to that one random touchdown run. Again, fluky as balls.

The other give games? Johnson has topped 3.4 yards per carry just once. You guessed it, in week one against the Raiders.

The evidence is there. This Jets offense is terrible, but it’s not like it’s one broad scope here. Johnson personally has been sucking. Go look at running mate Chris Ivory. Their first name is the only thing they have in common, as Ivory has topped 4.4 yards per carry in four of six games. He’s blown Johnson out of the water when it comes to vision, power and decisiveness. Oh, and efficiency. And productivity.

There’s no reason left to hold onto Johnson. New York is in shambles and they can see by now that bringing on Johnson was a mistake. Now it’s time for you to realize the same if he’s still stuck at the bottom of your fantasy football roster.

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