Geno Smith is quarterbacking the New York Jets again in 2014. That’s just fantastic. New York Jets fans everywhere are contemplating changing their favorite team and have one hand preparing a noose. It’s hell on earth for Gang Green, part deux. The best part? Smith is “winning” a quarterback competition over the aging, sacktastic Michael Vick. Winning that battle is like achieving 1,000 Twitter followers with a boobs-only profile photo. You didn’t really earn anything, and the whole thing is a farce.

That’s probably what the Jets are in for this year, as Smith showed rare flashes of competence as a rookie in 2013, but mostly consistently displayed god awful quarterbacking. New York has cleverly disguised their second version of Mark Sanchez by adding solid talent in Eric Decker and Chris Johnson, two guys that are very likely delusional about just how good they really are.

New York even showed everyone how much they care about offense by going out and drafting Jace Amaro, a weak tight end who can’t block for shit. Amaro is even behind in camp, on top of his blocking, crushing any hopes of him having any kind of relevancy in fantasy football. Naturally, that relegates the clearly very prepared Jets to Jeff Cumberland, the definition of a plodding tight end. While it’s sure to be a huge bowl of suck at the position, it’s fair to think it’s better than keeping around a guy who masturbates in public parking lots. Here’s to looking at you and your mangled knees, Kellen Winslow.

All under belly jabs aside, Decker is going to get targeted like Andre Johnson this year. His overrated hands and a role he probably isn’t ideal for doesn’t make him the top-10 fantasy stud he was while in Denver, but he still has some solid value. If he’s your WR3, you’re winning. If he’s your WR2, you still are doing okay.

Johnson isn’t in  quite as good of shape. The Jets surely plan to run the ball and seemingly have a solid offensive line, but they do also have Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. Those two are about as sacky as Johnson is, but anything remotely close to a running back by committee approach needs to scare the living hell out of you. Sure, there’s that one in a million chance that Johnson, at age 29, will dramatically improve upon his mediocre ways of the past 3-4 years, but he’s looked like crap and he plays for the damn Jets now. And he’s in a time share. On the friggin’ Jets!

Jeremy Kerley might have some value be default here, as Decker is probably going to be easily double more often than we previously thought to be possible. He’s pretty decent out of the slot and Santonio Holmes’ corpse is now in free agency, so he might hold WR3 value when it’s all said and done. Regardless, if you draft Kerley you’re really reaching a bit too much.

Lastly, if Michael Vick becomes relevant again in 2014, the Jets are out of the playoff hunt (say, week 6?) and your fantasy team is likely in shambles if you’re even considering using him. He’s still got some pretty good legs, but he’s also a quarterback. The formula, when done correctly, equates to horribleness.

In all, there are two guys you can remotely consider drafting in New York, and they’re Chris Johnson and Eric Decker. They both have some remote upside, but much like the Jets, could easily suck.

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