On Wednesday, the New York Giants announced that they have released running back Peyton Hillis. In a move that comes only one day after the Giants released veteran defensive lineman Mathias Kiwanuka, the Giants are clearly cleaning out their roster and saving themselves almost $6 million in cap space.

Hillis joined the Giants in the fall of 2013 after David Wilson had suffered a season-ending injury. Hillis played the first nine games of the 2014 season with the Giants before suffering a concussion that ended his season. This was the second consecutive season that saw Hillis’ season marred by a concussion. Since he appeared on the cover of Madden in 2010 and ran for 1,177 yard, Hillis has been on the downward spiral, putting up just 1,258 yards over last four seasons.

The move is a clear sign of the confidence in second-year bruiser, Andre Williams, who will likely compete with starter Rashad Jennings in New York’s offensive backfield in 2015. Hillis’ contract was worth $945,000 against the Giant’s cap this season. It’s very possible we’ve seen the last of the 29-year old Hillis who could exit the league with this release, having played seven years in the NFL, for a handful of teams, including Denver, Kansas City and Cleveland.

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