According to sources close to the situation, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor will not be charged with sexual assault which spurred from an incident at a Philly nightclub back in May.

Agholor was selected by former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly at 20th overall in the 2015 draft. The 23-year old from USC was seen by some as a stretch for the Eagles. A deficient 2015 rookie season however had many scratching their heads trying to figure out what went south for the former USC stud.

In three years at SC, he had just one 1,000 yard season, and one double digit touchdown season. He has plenty of room to grow of course, but at this point in his young career, what is his fantasy football value?

How much emphasis should we put on his 2015 campaign? 

Obviously after last season, Agholor has his fair share of doubter going into this season. But how much blame do we put on the shoulders of Agholor, who didn’t catch his first and only touchdown pass till late December.

Well, he started 12 of 13 games played last season but only caught 23 passes. He had four drops, but more noteworthy, a drop percentage of 9.1%, high for a player who only caught 23 balls. In his defense, he only was targeted 44 times. To put that into perspective, that’s only two more targets than Anthony Fasano of the Dolphins, and Scott Chandler of New England, who are both backup tight ends.

Of course, part of the reason why he only saw 44 balls thrown his way was because he couldn’t get open. An NFL executive spoke on the matter, and gave his thoughts on Agholor and the Eagles receiver corps. He did so anonymously, as he isn’t able to speak on the matter publicly.

“From strictly a talent standpoint, I still think he’s their best (receiver),” a personnel man for an Eagles’ opponent told NJ Advance Media.”

“I’m not sure what happened there last year,” he said. “It’s not like he was dropping a lot of balls. From what I saw watching him, he had some trouble getting open, getting separation.”

Coming out of college, Agholor’s route running certainly wasn’t one of his strengths. He relied on his athletism in college quite a bit, and attempting to do that in the NFL will lead to seasons like 283 yards receiving and one touchdown.

There’s no doubt he’ll make strides in 2016, but the deeper and more pressing question is, how big will those strides be? Are we looking at a five to 10 touchdown, 1,000+ yards receiving year for him? Or, more realistically, a three to five touchdown year with around 500-700 yard receiving year.

Chip Kelly is no longer employed by Philly, and new head coach Doug Pederson will do his best to get the most out of Agholor next season. With a new scheme offensively for this Fall, we can’t put too much emphasis on last years murky rookie year, though.

There was plenty of drama away from the gridiron last year, and he never really was able to step into a big role with the team. Although he made 12 starts, he was on the field for just 58% of their offensive snaps. A more consistent, increased role for the wide out could lead to big things for him in 2016.

The Clincher 

By no means did the Eagles have the best quarterback situation a year ago, but the definitely didn’t have the worst. Sam Bradford started 14 games last season, and was 7-7. Lights out? No. As bad as advertised by Eagles fans? Probably not. Who knows how who will be throwing around the pigskin come this fall though. Rumor had it Bradford wanted to be out of Philly, due to them drafting Carson Wentz with the second pick overall.

I don’t think a change in scenery will make a huge impact on Agholor in 2016. Whether it’s Wentz or Bradford throwing to him, it won’t matter if his play doesn’t elevate. Like I said, he will see a more increased role but how will approach this task. And more importantly, how will he fair?

I see Agholor as no higher than a WR4 or 5. Perhaps throw him in on weeks where he has a good matchup, (click here for the Eagles schedule). But unless he really emerges as a breakout player, there are just too many other talented receivers in the game for Agholor to be of any value.

According to Sports Illustrated, six receivers scored more than 200 points in standard-scoring fantasy leagues for the second straight season. It was the first time in the history of the fantasy game that there were more 200-point receivers than running backs. With that in mind, you won’t have to look far to find quality talent at receiver for your team.

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