Just a few short years ago Johnny Manziel was living the dream, Heisman Trophy Winner, model girlfriend, first round draft pick and was the most polarizing figure in all of football. Now he is on a downhill spiral and fading faster than people’s interest in this years Olympics. But there is a glimmer of hope for the young troubled quarterback, and for one team he could live up to the nickname “Money Manziel”.

When the Browns selected Manziel in the first round the city was in love. He had some signs of being a flashy play-caller and an icon for a city that didn’t have much to smile about. But as we all know the negatives outweighed the positives by a large margin. Manziel had substance abuse problems and kept promising change, which he failed to live up to. From a starting quarterback to being in and out of jail and a man who couldn’t even get support from his father, but there is still a chance for Johnny to get his act together and help a city that desperately needs a change at the quarterback.

San Francisco, a city that has had plenty of success with an NFL franchise. From legends like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young to the now lowly 49ers where the average fan couldn’t name a handful of players. The quarterback position is the punchline to an ongoing joke that everyone wants to be over with. With a new coach at the helm, what better time to take a risk and hope that it would pan out and bring back some flashes of hope for a once proud franchise.
Chip Kelly loves playing fast paced football, we all can see that. Only he hasn’t had the right quarterback to run his system the way he wants.

Many believe Kaepernick could be the guy but I wouldn’t trust someone who has been asking to be traded since the offseason began. Insert Manziel, a small quarterback with a decent arm and a higher than average ability to take off and run. Similar to one of Kelly’s most productive gun slingers at Oregon, Darron Thomas. Johnny could be the perfect fit for an option heavy offense, but why would anyone give him a chance?

First, the money and attention (good and bad) he brings to the stadium is worth signing him to a veterans minimum deal. People want to see him play the game the way he did at school and that’s exactly how Chip wants to run his offense. Ticket sales would be through the roof, even though they play in an outdoor stadium. Second, wherever Johnny goes reporters will follow. Everyone wants to see what he will do next, on and off the field. Finally the third reason that the 49ers signing Manziel could be beneficial, nothing brings out the at-most competitive nature of a competitor than having your back against the wall, as we saw in this years NBA Finals. When not only your career, but your life is on the line… That is when boys become men.

About The Author Scott Honerbaum

Scott Honerbaum is from a small town in northwestern Illinois where farming reigns supreme. Not for Scott, however, as sports were the only thing that caught his eye and as he got older the passion only intensified. Scott contributes to Breaking Football while cheering on the likes of the Lions, Spartans and Red Sox.