So, I’m not trying to jinx anything here, but Monday Night Football has actually been pretty decent thus far this year. Sure, we had to suffer through watching the Giants once, but Chargers-Cardinals and Eagles-Colts were actually good! Tonight, we get a weird matchup between the Chicago Bears and New York Jets. The Bears staged a monster comeback to beat the 49ers last Sunday night, while the Jets are still figuring out how to call timeout.

If you’re facing a fantasy football dilemma going into tonight’s game, I’ve been tasked with talking you through said dilemma.


Jay Cutler (Bears) vs. Geno Smith (Jets)

Pretty easy call here. Smokin’ Jay was fantastic in the game last week against a supposedly tough San Francisco defense, throwing cuatro touchdown passes. While Geno Smith has had a pair of respectable games for the Jets so far, you would have to be an insane person to use him over Cutler tonight.

Running Backs

Matt Forte (Bears) vs. Chris Johnson/Chris Ivory (Jets)

Once upon a time, there was a legitimate debate regarding who was better between Matt Forte and Chris Johnson. Remember? Good times. They were both taken in the ’08 draft, yet it seems like Johnson is a million years older. Weird how that works. However, the answer to this one may surprise you.

Forte was weak against the Niners last week, and the matchup against the Jets’ stout front-seven isn’t particularly appealing. It’s a tough call to bench a guy like that, especially given the chance that he can contribute in the passing game, as well. I’m not crazy about his potential tonight.

I’ll recommend you go with the Jets’ backs here, with Ivory getting a slight nod over Johnson. Ivory seems the more likely of the two to get a short-yardage opportunity near the goal line, and he’s been beastly in both games. The Bears’ run defense is horrendous, so you probably can’t go wrong with either of these fellas tonight.

Rank ’em Ivory, CJ, Forte.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall/Alshon Jeffery (Bears) vs. Eric Decker/Jeremy Kerley (Jets)

Both Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are listed questionable coming into the night, although both are expected to play. If they’re not, then OBVIOUSLY get them out of your lineup. Ya knucklehead.

Marshall enjoyed a monster three-TD performance against SF a week ago, while Jeffery was unfortunately left out in the cold for the most part. The Jets’ pass defense is farrrrrrr more generous than the run-stopping unit, so I’d expect the Bears to be heavy with the aerial attack. Both Marshall and Jeffery should be solid tonight.

Decker is also listed as questionable for the Jets and didn’t practice at all last week, so keep an eye on his status, as well. Charles Tillman is out for the year for Chicago which means Decker should have an easier time finding room to roam. Kerley isn’t really someone you can depend upon, but he gets a boost if Decks it out of the lineup.

The ranking: Marshall, Jeffery, Decker, Kerley. 

Tight Ends

Martellus Bennett (Bears) vs. Jeff Cumberland (Jets)

HA! Bennett, obviously. He’s got 15 catches and 2 TDs in 2 games so far, while Cumberland is a plodding spare.

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