Brian Hartline’s agent has stated that the Miami Dolphins have released the veteran receiver from their team. Hartline had a dreadful 2014 campaign, with only 39 catches for 474 yards in 16 games. With his salary at $5.9 million, it made almost no sense for Miami to keep him, especially when he simply is not producing the numbers expected of him. Although Hartline has two 1,000-yard seasons, he is a complementary receiver at best.

With Hartline’s departure, it is likely that the Dolphins will keep Mike Wallace and it gives their second-year slot wide receiver Jarvis Landry another boost.

Hartline is still only 28 years old and could still be a starting WR on a team like the Browns. He happens to be from Ohio and played his college football at Ohio State, so look for the Browns to possibly sign Hartline to a deal that brings him home.

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