When Ian Rapoport of NFL media published the police report from a July 2011 incident at a Lancaster, Texas Wal-Mart involving Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant, it immediately intensified the chase to find the surveillance video that corresponds the story. However, Rona Stringfellow, the assistant city manager for Lancaster has stated that the Lancaster Police Department does not have the surveillance video.

It’s not surprising that the police don’t have the video, because the responding officer at the time made no mention of reviewing the video or preserving it at the time of the incident, and with no follow up report, there is no reason to think that the Lancaster police ever had a copy of the video in their records.

The likely holder of the surveillance video is Wal-Mart itself, who did originally have video of what happened in their parking lot during the July 2011 incident. They have no obligation to release the video, but there is nothing prohibiting them from releasing it either. It is also likely that the Dallas County District Attorney has a copy of the tape in their records. To this point, no one has come forward with the rumored Dez Bryant video and no one knows for sure what it would or wouldn’t show. Should the video turn up, we’d quickly find out if Bryant would be in any hot water with the league, if any.

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