Jamaal Charles is the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s just get that out in the open. He even was going to holdout for a new contract, and it took literally one day for the Chiefs to realize, “oh, shit, he’s our best player – like by far” and then pay that man his money.

They didn’t say it in a thick Russian accent, but then again, maybe they did. And then they paid him. Him being, naturally, THE ENTIRE CHIEFS OFFENSE. That’s Jamaal Charles in a nutshell. So draft him. I don’t need to go back and forth over whether he’s the big winner between him and LeSean McCoy, but he’s close. He’s top three, at least.

Okay, and that concludes our man love crush on J-Chew. I’m not sure if that’s a nickname for him, but it might be now. Regardless, he needs no argument. He crushed it last year, really always has crushed it and will continue more of said crushing in 2014.

But is he the only KC players that can crush skulls in fantasy football in 2013? In short, almost certainly.

However, there are still other guys that you’ll want to consider drafting. None of them are remotely close to Charles in terms of talent or fantasy value, but they still might be worth bringing up. Let’s talk about them now:

Alex Smith – Quarterback

Smith reads bore fest on paper, but he surprisingly was very solid as a fantasy quarterback in his first season in KC. Not only did he attempt a career high 508 passing attempts, but he also established career highs in passing yardage (3,313 yards) and touchdowns (23). He also continued to be a very efficient and mistake-free player, as he completed over 60% of his passes for the third year in a row and tossed just seven picks. Even better was Smith’s mere seven interceptions.

Smith’s solid athleticism was finally unleashed in Andy Reid’s system, too, where he took the ball a career high 76 times and turned it into 431 rushing yards and one score on the ground. All of that equated to a solid 16th place finish. Those aren’t elite QB1 numbers, but Smith was a solid streaming option and put up some pretty big outings.

He’s a strict QB2 thanks to his inconsistency, though, while his average arm limit his big play ability over the course of the year. If you’re looking for top-15 production, you’re swinging and missing here, but Smith has enough to be a very solid backup that you hopefully only use once or twice in 2014.

Dwayne Bowe – Wide Receiver

I said Bowe was trash on Twitter and got attacked for it. But for fantasy reasons, he kind of is. Bowe has finished beyond 40th place in each of the past two years. Yes, his role and quarterback haven’t been ideal for his game the past two years, but that isn’t changing. He seems to have lost some explosiveness, too, and probably isn’t the most reliable option to be had. He still has good size and can make plays on the ball, though, so he’s worth a look as a high upside WR3. If you draft him as anything more, you’re grasping at straws.

Knile Davis – Running Back

Davis is a solid straight line runner who has a surprisingly solid burst and long speed. He also has good size and strength. Unfortunately, he’s not a great lateral runner or receiver, so he’s probably just a mere change of pace back behind Charles. With that said, he’s a worthy handcuff if Charles is to ever go down, as he’d be in line for a pretty big role. It’s not shocking to see him go undrafted due to his minimal role, but Charles owners will want to consider rostering him in deeper leagues.

Travis Kelce – Tight End

Kelce showed his skills on a 73-yard touchdown in his first preseason game this year. He has good size and speed for the tight end position and it’s no longer up for debate who the best tight end in KC is. He might not be the true starter, but he’s going to be used in the passing game this year. He still doesn’t have much more than moderate TE2 upside, but he’s definitely a guy to monitor heading into the season.

Kansas City Chiefs – Team Defense

The KC defense was nasty when healthy a year ago. Their bad play stemmed from inconsistency in the pass defense and their pass rush really suffered when anyone got nicked up or sat out. They drafted depth all over the place, though, and have a great chance at picking the pieces back up. They aren’t necessarily a lock to be elite like they were to start last year, but they have talent and serious upside. They’re still a top shelf DEF1 to use on a weekly basis until proven otherwise.

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