Tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup should be filled with offensive fireworks as NFC South rivals face off with the Atlanta Falcons visiting the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Naturally, there are a lot of fantasy points to be scored by your team if you elect to use some Saints and Falcons players. Some guys will be easy calls, but in case you need some insight in regards to finalizing your Thursday options, we’re pointing out the best plays from both sides.

Keep in mind that this advice can pertain to daily fantasy football, as some DFS leagues kick off tonight, running from Thursday to Monday. It’s nice to get off to a hot start, so consider using some of these guys to get ahead of the pack in some GPPs over at DraftKings. With that, let’s break down the top fantasy plays for Thursday night:

Top Falcons Options

Matt Ryan, Quarterback

Ryan has suffered from a couple of poor fantasy performances in back-to-back weeks. But tonight he has the good fortune of playing against a very poor New Orleans Saints defense. I also think Ryan will benefit from Freeman’s recent dominance in the ground game. If you have Ryan on your team you must start him if you are trying to figure out the best quarterback for your team.

DeVonta Freeman, Running Back

Freeman has been the best running back in the league for last three weeks. That is the definition of “the hot hand”. You obviously got to keep playing him until he falters. I don’t think Freeman can keep up the pace he has set, but until he proves that you have to start him.

Leonard Hankerson, Wide Receiver

After a meager 1.3 point performance last week, I can understand if you are skeptical about playing Hankerson this week. But I still think Hankerson is a flex option, or a WR2 option if you are dealing with some bye week issues. Jones’ toe should slow him down slightly, and I imagine the Saints will be very worried about Freeman, which should open the door for some nice production out of Hankerson.

Julio Jones, Wide Receiver

One of the best receivers in the game. An obvious must start even with his toe injury. The Falcons have one of the most potent offenses in the game, and they are playing one of the weakest defenses in the game. There are just too many avenues for victory for the Falcons, and I expect Jones to have a trademark big game.

Top Saints Options

Drew Brees, Quarterback

Brees has actually been extremely consistent in games he has played this season. The Falcons have also allowed most teams they have played this year to stay in the game with them. The Saints having home field advantage in prime time, against a Falcons D that allows teams to stay in the game with them, spells a nice day for Drew Brees.

Mark Ingram, Running Back

I think Ingram is primed for a touchdown this week. While Ingram has been mostly unimpressive in terms of yards per game rushing, he has been much better as a receiver than he has been in the past. I’m expecting 100 total yards from Ingram tonight on top of a touchdown. Which is more than enough to make him a good RB2 play.

Willie Snead, Wide Receiver

Snead is seeing more targets than any Saints receiver. Snead also sees more deep balls than almost any receiver in the league. Cooks was expected to be the big receiver for the Saints this year, but the number one fantasy receiver has been trending in the direction of Snead over the last two weeks. As it stands right now Snead is a must start, and Cooks is only worth starting in bad situations.

Who are you looking to start in tonights match up? Do you agree with the players I listed? Let us know in the comments!

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