Johnny Manziel might not be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns come week one. That’s supposedly Josh McCown’s job. The last week hasn’t made it look that way, of course, as Manziel has rebounded from a rough first day of camp and has strung together several impressive days of practice – including a recent 12-15 effort.

Now he’s getting some run with the starters.

We probably need to slow the “Manziel to start” chants, as Manziel himself suggested he won’t make too much of the extra opportunity to prove himself. He’ll surely look to do the best he can, however, as he continues to try to show the Browns that he truly is dedicated to being the best player he can be.

It’s clear that Manziel is behind McCown, but everything that has happened since the end of last season goes along with a narrative that suggests the Browns still want Manziel to be their answer under center. It remains to be seen if he can improve and impress enough to take over the job before week one, but the signs thus far have been relatively encouraging.

The bigger question is if you should care about Johnny Manziel in fantasy football leagues. In drafts? No, not yet. But keep tabs on these reports out of practice, as any sniff of the athletic Manziel hitting the starting lineup could put him on the radar as a sleeper quarterback. We’ll also get to see Johnny Football try to work his magic as soon as next Thursday night, when the Browns host the Washington Redskins (you can get in for as little as $3!).

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