Tony Romo was one of the hottest fantasy football quarterback topics of the 2014 NFL preseason. Many analysts, including myself, had him ranked rather highly coming into the season with hopes of Romo re-finding his form. Others were skeptical of the 34 year old quarterback just off of back surgery.

Last December, Tony Romo underwent back surgery to treat a herniated intervertebral disc in his lower back. He underwent a rather long rehab and recovery. He was eased into training camp and played his normal snaps during the preseason. Many questioned whether or not he would be able to accurately deliver the long ball following the surgery.

From a fantasy perspective, Tony Romo had everything he needed for a career year, or so we thought. Since 2011, Romo has finished as a top 10 fantasy quarterback in every season. With new passing game coordinator Scott Linehan coming to the Cowboys, we were sure to see a replication of the Detroit offense which saw Stafford attempt over 600 passes in every one of the last 3 years. The Cowboys had what many believed to be one of the best offensive lines in the entire league. In addition, he has all-world athlete Dez Bryant coming into his prime to hurl balls to. Last, but certainly not least, the Cowboys defense was putrid last year, and with all the injuries that occurred before the season even started, they could be even worse than in 2013, which means two things: shootouts and garbage time points.

Anyways, not everything has worked out to plan in Dallas for Tony Romo. In their first two games he completed only one of nine passes over 20 yards. The Cowboys have also leaned heavily on DeMarco Murray so far, with the play calling split 95 rushes to 89 passes through 3 games. Terrance Williams isn’t playing up to the buzz that surrounded him this offseason and Jason Witten has lost a step, still reliable, but he’s getting older and less productive.

Romo had a decent bounce back game in Week 3, overcoming a 21-0 deficit to beat the Rams, throwing for 217 yards on 18 of 23 passes for 2 touchdowns and an interception. It was encouraging to see his yards per attempt at 9.4 for the game, up from 7.6 and 6.1 in the first two weeks, respectively.

As the weeks go by, Romo should improve on his long ball. After facing three tough passing defenses in the first 3 weeks of the season, Romo will have ten of the remaining thirteen games against team ranking in the bottom half of the NFL in terms of passing defenses. Romo has plenty of talent around him to put up elite fantasy numbers and as long as Romo can stay healthy and steadily improve, week-by-week, there is no reason for Romo not to finish the fantasy season as an elite quarterback.

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