Is Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly really a racist? The speculation that Chip Kelly is racist has been around the NFL since LeSean McCoy was traded to the Buffalo Bills back in March. With recent comments coming from former Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin being construed as calling Chip a racist, the allegations about the current Eagles Head Coach have never been more fervent.

Although I don’t know Chip personally, I can say with near certainty that these claims have been completely blown out of proportion. Anyone that thinks the McCoy trade was lopsided in favor of the Bill’s is bat sh*t crazy! Kiko Alonso (the player the Eagles traded McCoy for) has the potential to be a top five middle linebacker in the league for the next decade. Oh, and Alonso is Colombian (as Mark Sanchez pointed out). Meanwhile, McCoy has a ton of miles on him, and really can’t be the physical between-the-tackle runner that Philadelphia really needs, like a guy like DeMarco Murray… Who is also black.

Very weird that a racist would trade a black guy (McCoy) for a Colombian (Alonso), then pick up another black guy (Murray) and another black guy (Ryan Matthews) to replace the original black guy (McCoy again).

Also, if you actually read the comments of Boykin he never states that he thinks Kelly’s racist. He even clarified this after his statements blew up, to reiterate that he doesn’t think Kelly is racist:


Yet people can’t stop talking about it.

There’s also the other angle, where Kelly “can’t relate” to a “certain type” of black men and their culture. There might be an argument there, but more than anything, Kelly is merely looking for professional players who will listen to coaching that want to win.

Ultimately it comes down to Chip running his team in a controversial way that people don’t understand, so they feel the need to criticize and speculate as to why he is making the decisions he is making, when in reality they will never understand it. Chip runs a team very differently than how anyone else EVER has done it. It’s what makes Chip one of the most dynamic and exciting coaches in the league.

I’m not an Eagles fan, but since Kelly has been in Philly I’ve done my damnedest to see every game I can. And the kicker? Kelly has produced back-to-back winners in his first two seasons a the controls. Of course, with the moves he’s made this offseason, the Eagles probably need to win the Super Bowl for Kelly to be vindicated this season.

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