I’ve written quite a bit about potential fantasy football team names for 2014. Probably too much, really. But I’ve recently stumbled across this. The guys at Sports Unlimited Inc. have put together a searchable database of fantasy football team names and organized it by NFL team. They’ve got some of the more common names that I’ve seen in various leagues, like “Armed Rodgery,” and “Joe Buck Yourself,” and they’ve got more unique and clever ones like, “Gabe Come To Carimi Home”.

I spent 5-10 minutes looking through their names, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. You can find a name based on your favorite team, or you can find a name based on a player that you draft to your fantasy team. Personally, I like to just keep generating random names, and see what it feeds me.

Since you’ve still got a couple weeks before the start of the season, there’s still time to ditch your “Cleveland Crushers” name for something more clever. Even if you’re not the creative type, clever fantasy football team names make your league more interesting. Take a look through Sports Unlimited Inc.’s names and find one that fits your team. If you can’t find one over there, take a look at the names we put together here at Breaking Football. We’ve got ten to twenty names based on the following themes:

If you have any clever team names to share, let us know below in the comments, or get at me on Twitter (@TimCYoung). If you’d like to see some fantasy team names based on a certain theme, let us know and we’ll put a post together for you.

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