A medieval fantasy television drama about kings and dragons and magic and doesn’t really seem like type of thing that would interest football fans. However, the fact that Game of Thrones is HBO’s most popular show of all time would suggest that there’s quite a bit of overlap between fantasy football and Game of Thrones. The show seems rather nerdy on the surface, but let’s be honest, so does fantasy football. Beyond the nerdy nature, though, we find that with all of the death, bloodlust, thirst for power, competition, fighting, and nudity, an episode of Game of Thrones is quite the testosterone-fueled event – probably more-so than rooting for someone named Calvin to catch a pass.

It’s the time of year where your fantasy league has been renewed, and you need pick a name for your team. The days of naming your team the Cincinnati Crushers are over. You need to get creative with your team names nowadays, and there are already 3 other teams in your league calling themselves, “Show Me Your TDs”. Don’t worry, Breaking Football is here to help. Earlier this week, we gave you some Breaking Bad themed team names, and we’ll be compiling names for several different themes as the season gets closer. Today I’m presenting our list of Game of Thrones fantasy team names, so take a look, pick your favorite, and get on with your Casterly Mock drafts.

    – Ryan Tannister/Peyton Mannister

    – A Foster Always Pays His Debts

    – Terrance Westeros

    – Alfred Wedding Morris

    – Demaryius Targaryen

    – Daenerys Moore MotherofDragons

    – Alshon Joffrey

    – LeVeon Greyjoy

    – You Knowshon Nothing, Jon Snow

    – You Know Nothing, Dwayne Bowe

    – The Kendall Wright’s Watch

    – House Arian of the Eyrie

    – Bernard House of TarBerrian

    – Jordan ‘My Name Is’ Reek

     – Winter is Manning

     – Roddy White Walkers

Got some Game of Thrones themed fantasy football team names of your own? Let us hear them in the comments below!

*Photo Credit – imagineeringnow.com

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